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Complain To Ummah for Help

Complain To Ummah for Help
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Don’t just watch like this

Come forward and help us

Don’t close your eyes

Please help us in these sighs


Look at our innocence

Impute your conscience

Please don’t walk away

Where will we go, if you ran away


Look our houses are set ablaze

We are being butchered with great elbow grease

Don’t run away from us

Don’t frown at us

Don’t leave to drown us


We are torched in our domicile

We are forced to leave our homes

We flee with great hopes

That you’d shelter us


Don’t close your eyes on our helplessness

We have come that you would hospitalize us

Believe in us, we are nothing but friendly

Treat us, we too are humans


Our situation is doomy and threatening

Don’t leave us chronic crying


We are helplessly forlorn in no man’s land

Kindly cooperate and take off from this marsh land

Save us

Protect us


We are Muslims a part of you

There is no need to mention what to do

Come forward save us from ethnic cleansing

You will serve Ummah in a true way


This poem is dedicated to Rohingya Muslims who are being to flee from their homes

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