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In my dreams

In my dreams
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I Beheld Thee
The music goes on and on
Nature puts forth before me
A flash of thine smile
Ah! A cry escapes my lips
Into a void,  and the echo
Keeps vibrating the ear drums.
Lovelier than the flower you are
Brighter than the star.
A dew drop on a flower
Beautifies the petal
Thine smile adorns thee,
I am blinded to the thorns
For a glimpse falls on the flower.
The dark clouds enhance the sightliness of the sky
And if thou art anxious,  it Beautifies thine beauty.
Like vast sky is devoid of moon, in sunlight
I feel thine absence with every breath I take in
And still I yearn for thee.
Amidst the land of strangers
This traveler is trapped up
Jailed in a moment that lasted for a nanosecond,
It seems an infinite love is hidden there.
Separation is the second name of world
But how shall I call it separation???
When we were never one.
You chose to push me away
By a storm of words,
But with every single push I began to feel
The closeness of my world and yours.
Thine stormy words watered the seed of love
Now it is grown into a larger ocean.
I behold thee single,
Singing the song of union
Beneath the Chinar tree,
The brook keeps with the flow of thine songs
And the pebbles there,  remain  silent
Listening calmly like me.
In my dreams…
So I believe that dreams come true
With this hope my heart elevates
Some strange kind of happiness descends
On my woundful heart
To cure it of all pain
Like rain descends on earth
To free it from  melancholy.

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