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5 Things Muslim States can do for Rohingya Muslims

5 Things Muslim States can do for Rohingya Muslims
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The Rohingya are a Muslim minority population living mainly in the state of Arakan, in Myanmar (Burma). Although approximately 800,000 Rohingya live in Myanmar, and apparently their ancestors were in the country for centuries, the Burmese government does not recognize Rohingya people as citizens. People without a state, the Rohingya face harsh persecution in Myanmar.
In recent years, they have faced increasing persecution and attacks, even in some cases from Buddhist monks. Those who escape out to sea, as thousands have done, face an uncertain fate; the governments of Muslim nations around Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh in north have refused to accept them as refugees.
More than 3000 have been killed in last 5 days and at least 123,000 Rohingya have fled from western Myanmar into neighboring Bangladesh since late last month. A military crackdown continues which has destroyed villages and killed hundreds.
In order to avoid further persecution of these stateless people here is what and how Muslim nations can play their role.

1. Verbally threaten Burma with an invasion or blockade. Close Burmese embassies and expel their ambassadors from their respective countries.

2. Conduct air strikes on government buildings in Burma, cripple their infrastructure – can easily be done.

3. The Muslims being massacred are in the Rakine state, closest bit to Bangladesh. Muslim nations could say now that they are putting forces in to protect Ummah or even say that it is a peace force entirely mean to protect and provide security to the persecuted muslims. This would have huge political impact. For that matter recently formed Islamic Military Alliance can be assigned the task.

4. Arm Rohingya resistance fighters.

5. Put pressure on neighboring countries especially Bangladesh to open ways for Rohingya muslims and assist them by whatever means possible. Provide them expenses for this.


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