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The Philosophy of ‘I’

The Philosophy of ‘I’
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Billions of years have passed since the universe came into existence; science believes it came into its present shape by itself without any external hand, religion believes it has an external hand, so a grand plan is around and His (Lord) is still active in its functioning. Some schools of thought believe that although Lord has made it, but has left the world to be governed by it.  Between these schools men/women, seemingly the best of the species, whether through creation or evolution, is being sandwiched.  Men/women; with brains and use of intellectual faculties, has to find a place in this whole creation. A goal is needed for psychological balance, if it would not have been one of the goals, materialism in the western world would have solved all limitations of people out there. It has not. Money was believed to bring all kinds of happiness, comfort and stability. Soul had no place out there. It proved futile. Consumerism did lead to the development of market, jobs and income. Eat, sleep and trips were considered to be all that body needs. When all these were satisfied, a crisis emerged. After all these (eat, sleep and luxury), then what? Is this end of what people need? Only these! How come it makes we people better than other animals. After all, they all eat, sleep and even rest. The only difference then would be we are more ‘refined’ eaters than the rest of animals; the better degree of refinement doesn’t make us better than these animals.

This comparison gets even blurred up when we think of some animals having a larger life span than us, so they can eat for a much more than we people. Their longevity is more than we, so our advancement in science and technology, has not matched their advancement in life spans, after all, life is what we consider something that is truly ‘valued’. So if we assume that our materialism (consumption) makes us something different (higher) than the rest we are totally on a wrong footing. Does dominance make us “higher race”? We have dominated every sphere of life; we know so much about the universe, but not so much. Still, nature dominates us? We need oxygen, we need food, we need gravitation, and we need CO2, and we need everything. A cursory look will reveal how much nature is dominant into our day to day lives. Still there is so much left to be learned and unfortunately, our race has not even used brains for only dominance of nature but their race as well. Country after country was destroyed by using the faculties of mind. So we are not ‘materialistic” and surely not dominant? Are we reality then? Is man the end or a means?

Somehow what we see is not actually what is there. Do we consume an apple for the sake of an apple? No, not at all. An apple is a compressed form of energy which our body needs. We need energy not the apple per se. An apple is the condensed form of energy. We human race is actually an energy. We do see a “personified’ man or women, Death reveals it all where human is turned into what actually he or she is. A gaseous matter! Although we live for some time we are not a reality. After more than hundred years, the generation of ours will not be visible, so we are not a reality. A reality has to be authentic, no change should occur in it and no displacement in its form. It’s only our race that is a reality, an individual is not.

It is just a social reconstruction that human race is provided names or something more to cope up with our existence and make people fall in line with rules and regulations. Society can place different names on different heads. In order to make sense of the world, humans have created a unique way to make sense of it and stabilise its functioning. Who knew what we are when we are born? Nobody does. To place us in society and to provide us with a sense of belongingness, our names and our parentage are structured around that society. A Muslim name gives a child a unique place in Muslim world etc. The names, the food, the clothes are all trickled down into our minds through the powerful and authoritative genius of society, of which almost we are all slaves.

I am actually not what society makes me or believes me to be. Isn’t it so?  I can be anything but what people think of me. Think of clapping. Clapping is a codified version of something very happy. If we get happy we clap. If we get happy and don’t clap people see it as either being jealous or not being impressed. In both ways they are wrong. I did not clap In spite of being happy. It is actually a reconstruction of society’s codified language. A sense of reality is not what we are but what we are turned into. We are a form of energy that has converted into matter, and then ultimately it gets into that form again.

Is our species end? Human rights activists and liberalists consider it to be so, therefore does human development reports, that justifies our species to be an end and whatever there is in the universe it to be made at our service, so its dominance. Religion does not consider this sort of philosophy; we are means, to achieve some grand plan which Lord has devised for us. We are slaves of the Lord and he makes us do all forms of worship to get to the most beautiful place in the universe, the heaven where all kinds of fruits are available. So we get some of our time to worship him. In religion people find a lot of peace, some believe it. It is so difficult to choose between the two extremes; whether we are means or end. If we are means of some sort then sacrifice is needed and if we are then nothing! People have fluctuated between these two extremes.

Are we rebels? Yes. It is the only one thing we can be sure of. People have three limitations in life; one life span, another usage of mind and third will power, and bravery.  Short life spans make our lives very difficult. We are devoid of consuming more luxurious life. It is some sort of un-freedom; we have been provided short spans of life so our freedom to consume other luxurious is lost. Shorter life span has positive impacts as well. We want to achieve more and more out here, it is precisely due to this very reason that such a great advancement in life has taken place, otherwise people would have waited for years with the insurance that the work can be post –phoned. Mind and brain are another limitation, however, its usage is curbed by the society’s institutions of information and rules and regulations.

A man/women is what society makes him or her, nothing else.  He/she loses all originality which nature bestows on his birth. Although many get acquainted with this secret, few are brave enough to rebel against this framework of powerful institutions. Many continue to think that society is a king and people are slaves, few have the audacity to rebel. The rebel needs bravery, many have intellectual faculties, very few are brave. This whole world is a reconstruction of very few brains, to enjoy our freedom this world has to be deconstructed. Every institution needs to be questioned. Man is born free he cannot remain in chains; both visible and invisible. Every born baby has a right to live in his or her own world; to rebel is his or her born right. To rebel is justified.  Only Rebellion makes me I, nothing else.


The author teaches Economics at University of Kashmir. He can be reached at

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