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Wandering for a drop of love

Wandering for a drop of love
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Tried to swaddle in the sweet blanket of love, but
Ghetto of affection drenched me,
’Cause I was a stranger,
With all my might,
Stood against a thundering storm,
But it hit hard, acidly,
Left me unconscious,
Crumpled, incinerated,
Scorched, tattered,
Didn’t spare me in my dreams,
Oh! then the insomniac nights- how I passed through
Like moth I was unaware about the heat of the flame,
Though it purely shown, transparent, clear…
Abysmal ocean of love,
Pulled me down and down
Deep into its core,
Oh! I am so weak to endure,
The intensity of love.
The colourful green leaves shattered,
As if autumn broke out,
But still my love is unbreakable, so is immortal,
And blooms with every moment of sadness,
Grief keeps the tree of love alive in my heart.
Winds speak to the land,
Of the lunatic frenzied guy,
Lost in the lonely desert,
Wandering for a drop of love.


Poet is pursuing honors degree in literature from Delhi university.

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