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Only I’ll embrace you,

Only I’ll show you the secrets,

The secrets of love…

It did put conditions that I could sense

I felt unwonted

Do you remember?

When spring asked me!

Little amount of curiousness I also had

It wasn’t a reverie or dream

All it was live with love

There I really spoke to spring

It reminded me,

Of when I exposed my feelings,

Of the moments with my love,

Of the breezes,

Which helped me to put forth my emotions

Something helped me in doing so,

Finally I realized,

With utmost urge to meet the subject…

What are those conditions?

I asked,

To care for my esthetics

To love my components

To love my nature I come with

It replied,

What it replied!

I actually do not replicate so,

As I’m always busy in making it to extinction

By smoke along with its aides

And I do not feel ashamed

For being the one of alienating and killing it,

And I’m the one

Of killing the cure of humans!!

But still,

I’m without introspection..


*The poet is an Independent Researcher & Aspiring Social Worker. He can be reached at

Disclaimer: Views  expressed are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position and policy of Oracle Opinions. 

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