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Serving the Oppressor’s Interests

Serving the Oppressor’s Interests
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Indeed, the real victory of an oppressor lies in changing the mindset and discourse of an oppressed one. He (an oppressor) can hold the situation very hard. But, the real triumph he can accomplish is how much he has been successful in altering the discourse of an oppressed one. It has been ascertained that the occupier always tries very hard to occupy the mind of occupied ones and moulds their ideology and thus, outlives the occupation.

In Kashmir, India is using the ideological state apparatuses to create the rift among the masses of Kashmir through the different discourses related to freedom. Mostly, uses biased media, which distort the facts, doctored videos and manipulates the truth and thus makes a pitch for division among the people. But, the irony is that we as a subjugated ones become the tool for propagating its ideology. Unfortunately, due to the immaturity of politics, we have become the puppets in the hands of state and unconsciously serving its agenda. It has been witnessed that for the last two months new discourses has brought forth in the Kashmir narrative which has kicked up a row among the masses. Much dust up is in our opinions. Some are drumming up support for ‘Shariyat and Shahadat’ and some to believe ‘Azadi baraey Islam’ while some of are the opinion that Kashmir banega Pakistan. But the matter of the fact is a good many of us see it as an only the political issue instead of the religious issue.

Therefore, raising slogans and having different opinions can not tarnish the Kashmir cause nor it serves the interests of the state, but, making it a bone of contention and as a source of division which is quite disgusting how much political maturity we have and how much we respect our sacrifices. Unluckily, we provide the space for those whose tyrant hands has stained our blood to sabotage our struggle and tone up ourselves the clutches of occupation and then, at the end of the day, blames all stuff to our stars. Now the gut issue is who is dividing us? Is it our deliberate attempt or we are falling prey in the hands of Delhi? We must chew the cud. Are not we providing an opportunity and space to our oppressor? Are not we playing hell to our freedom movement in the name of Islam? Yes, we ought to delve deep.

The people of Kashmir have seen many trials and tribulations in the long walk to freedom. For last seventy years, we are bearing the brunt of Indian atrocities and has paid mammoth sacrifices. Indian ‘brave forces’ have committed many gruesome human right cases of abuses and inhumane activities of terror against the Kashmiri unarmed population i.e. Mass killings, enforced disappearances, torture, fake encounters, rape sexual abuse etc. During the latest Intifada, Kashmir witnessed the gross human rights violation in the form of torture, extrajudicial executions, the violent killing of civilians, slapping of public safety act (PSA), illegal detentions, a ban on congregational religious activities, media gags and a ban on communication and internet services.

The Summer of 2016, was called as a season of ‘Epidemic Dead Eyes’ due to the high magnitude of devastation and mayhem created by pellet guns. The latest unrest was the great jolt to the whole India. The diplomats, policy makers, political analysts and above all, the Indian agencies were in a fix to understand the kinetics of an indigenous movement of Kashmir. It galvanized the masses, generated euphoria of freedom among the people and once again, Kashmir gained the momentum on the international front and came to the fore among the internationally recognized disputes. The 2016 unrest unmasked the real face of the so called Indian democracy to the world. It invited the ill-reputation and distorted her so called secularist image. It put a nasty blot on the face of India. Now, the question arises what this unrest brought to us?

De facto, we gained many things from it but the most important is that we came to one platform and were united to each other. We went off track about the differences but, consolidated our similarities. We broke new ground as far mutual cooperation, understanding and brotherhood is concerned. Indeed, we were under one banner and one slogan. Not only this, even our resistance leadership came on one board. It jacked up our happiness and the people were full of joys of spring. The kernel point of this unrest was that militant outfits were glorified by one and all. In short, Kashmir was moving by leaps and bounds towards its goal. further, India got much international pressure and its true democratic secular nature was revealed in the whole world. Those who were at the helm of affairs in India were completely flummoxed and flustered how to control this movement. Everything was not hunky-dory and the ruling party received a heavy dose of criticism for failing to control the situation in the valley.

To sum up, India was hell bent to curb the uprising in Kashmir and to delegitimize the latest Intifada with Pakistan based funding. For this matter, Doval Doctrine has once again taken to the laboratory ( Kashmir) for new experiments. Hawkish policies are now being following and deeply rooted conspiracies are being hatched against the people of Kashmir. Through the so called NIA raids, some elements are on the hop to defame and dissolve the leadership and thus are trying to make them irrelevant to the movement by creating trust deficit.

On the other hand, on the grass roots, some people are being fed old wives tale like what Aazadi means to you? Is it for the implementation of Shariyat or it would be a secularistic type?, Would you like to be an independent or will merge to Pakistan after the attainment of freedom? Also, flag and colour politics is being given undue importance. More often than not, social networking sites, especially Facebook has become the hotbed for such junky stuff discussions. Indian authorities are also adding much undue flavour into it. If, we all are mature to comprehend the genesis of all is Indian illegal occupation.

Why should we discuss those matters which comes after the independence? Why are we baffled to know freedom means to end Indian illegal and forceful occupation? Why should we debate our tomorrow if our present is in threat? Why are we afraid to choose a genuine and legal way to get Aazadi.  Why do we hesitate in saying that Kashmir is a political issue?. The question is why. And the answer lies in our thinking because we are the subjugated ones and we don’t realize the tricks and plans of our oppressor. We are not well aware of our history and we are not mature enough to comprehend the global scenario. But, hope is where life is. We hope some day we will understand and we have to understand the Kashmir issue vis-à-vis Indian conspiracies and strategies.  Therefore, I end my point with this wake-up call! We must learn to live together as brothers Or perish together as fools.


The author is pursuing Masters in English Department at Kashmir university. He can be reached at

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