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Sarahah App: What is it And How to be a Part of The Latest Internet Trend?

Sarahah App: What is it And How to be a Part of The Latest Internet Trend?
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Sarahah has been all the rage on the Internet since the past couple of days. The rebranded version of, an app that let users post questions anonymously on their Facebook friends’ walls, has seen a sudden uprise and plays on a similar tangent. The Sarahah app uses a combination of honesty and anonymity to create a fun-filled confession system for its users. The word ‘Sarahah’ in itself means honesty, taken from its Arabic origin. Now it seems like millions of users across the globe have found Sarahah as a way to share their confessions and learn and grow from them henceforth.

Or not? Cases have seen Sarahah users giving out anonymous death threats or, at a much less creepy level, insults to others. Good or bad, the app is in trend and if in case you dare to face the world filled with honesty (or just fun), here is how to go about it:

1) Download Sarahah app on Android or iOS. Sign up by providing a unique user name, email ID, name and password. Share your Sarahah profile on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. handles. This means you are announcing that you are on Sarahah and open to receiving feedbacks about yourself.

2) Once you have shared your Sarahah profile, you will start receiving anonymous messages. There will be no information about the sender of the message. The great part is that you cannot reply to those messages. However, the developers might allow you to reply to anonymous messages in the future.

3) You can also send anonymous messages to anyone you want to. However, that person has to be a Sarahah user as well.

4) As far as privacy is concerned, you can opt not to appear in search users list of the app and also disallow users to post. These options can be found under settings.

The makers of the Sarahah app believe receiving anonymous ‘honest feedback’ from almost anybody could possibly help in “discovering ones strengths and areas for improvement”. Does your experience with the app make you agree with them? Yes or No, a common courtesy towards your Internet peers would encourage you to be a responsible Sarahah user.

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