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When my eyes fell on her

some thing happened inside me

I could not gather what was thee..

May be It was love for me

My heart inside raced  like a car

For me it was too far…

I could not imagine what it will be

May be it was love for me..

Feeling like this was strange to me

To my surprise,it was all I  can see

May be it was love for me.

How could I make her  feel my pain,

Was love for me  just a name.

My heart was saying something to me…

Oh,you fool,it is something to feel and see…

May be, it was love for me

I  would not dare to say a word,

Approaching her was like catching a bird.

The inner voice shouted at me,

Oh you coward ,at least try and see.

May be ,it was love for me.



With shivering body, I muttered, excuse me, listen here,

She moved, as she did not hear.

Beating fast, I said can we talk,

sorry was her answer, as she begin to walk.

I nodded my head with a deep sigh,

In and in ,I want to cry

To the heart, I said All is well

May be it was just a bell

Tired and lost, I sat on a chair…

Thinking of her,was she really there.

O psycho, it was not  a dream.

What you saw,was a real theme.

The time has gone, opportunity lost

How could I expect ,the result so fast

Do not loose heart, wait once more

Maybe I will found her again on the shore.

(Poet is pursuing masters in Mass Communications and Journalism. He can be reached at

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