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Are We Namesake Muslims?

Are We Namesake Muslims?
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It is a tragedy of our times that people, particularly Muslims, are becoming very cavalier. They have lost their faith in the Supreme Leader of this ephemeral cosmos. Their hearts are filled with the love of this materialistic world. Committing sins has now become so common as to be normal. We don’t bother about sins, nor do we fear Allah. Applying Islam in our daily lives becomes a herculean task. Our iman is degraded to an extent that we aren’t able to brush off the temptations of any sins. We prefer to neglect the orders of Allah in order to fulfill the demands of our greedy nafs. Why have we become such an ignorant Ummah?

Let’s observe the creations of Almighty Allah, for instance, the planets, animals, mountains, sky, sun, and so forth; and of course, our own body which consists of complex organs and systems. Let’s take a quick look at rivers, oceans and other water bodies. All are different from each other. Some are salty, some are fresh water. There is a perfect water balance that has been arranged according to the needs of all living things on earth. Allah (SWT) has created countless blessings for us and bestowed us an easy mode of living. As mentioned in the Holy Quran: “It is HE who sends down water from the sky” (Surah An Nahl). Observe the rain: How pleasantly it falls! It is Allah who showers these drops for the benefit of mankind.

Almighty Allah’s creations are complex and wonderful. Take the example of the dolphin. While sleeping, the dolphin shuts down only half of its brain, along with an opposite eye. The other half of the brain stays on active mode. This attentive side is used to watch out for predators, obstacles and other animals. It also transmits signals to the brain on when to rise to the surface to breathe. Approximately after two hours, the dolphin undergoes a transformation. She ‘wakes’ up the inactive part of the brain as well. Who told the dolphin to do this? It’s none other than the creator of this world, i.e. almighty Allah! We are thoroughly aware of this but do we understand the process behind it?

We are in a condition where the devil (shaitaan) has made us numb and we aren’t able to conceive things around us; who made them and who runs them….

What kind of Muslims we are? How can we become such an ignorant Ummah as to doubt the creations of the creator? The one who made two water bodies of different nature: one is salty and the other is fresh water, one is deep and the other is shallow, one comprises a lake and the other a marshy area. Such creations can be created only by the Sustainer of this whole cosmos.

Then why don’t we see really see all these things, why don’t we realise the embellished blessings of the honor of this whole universe? How can we be so blind? Observe the birds flying in the air. Isn’t its quite interesting that their legs are small and slender compared to their bodies? Isn’t it amazing that despite having so many muscles, veins and nerves in such small and thin legs they can fly smoothly? If their legs would have been bulky, how difficult it would be for a bird to fly! Such creations can only be of the sustainer of this world. Subhanallah!

Allah says in the Holy Quran: “Do they not see the birds suspended in midair, up in the sky? Nothing holds them there except Allah. There are certainly signs in that for people who have faith.” (Surah An Nahl).

We see trees everywhere. Have we ever wondered how the water reaches to the top of the plant or the farthest leaf on a branch? For us, it is quite impossible to provide water to the higher floors of a building without a water pump. It is only Allah (SWT) who has created each tree with the necessary equipment. Think about the variety of plants, some are short, some are large, in some stems are green, and in some they are woody. Some have broad leaves and some have needle-like leaves. Observe the fruits, their varieties and their taste eg a banana, apple, mango, pear, melons are not similar in shape or taste. How come so many varieties of fruits grow on trees and plants when the soil in which they grow is the same, the water in that soil is the same, the air around them is the same? It is Allah who gives them their matchless appearance and taste.

Allah says in the Quran: “Then let the man look at his food”. HE tells us to look at our food; where it came from, who made it edible? It’s Allah who gave us something to eat.

Now let’s heed our own body, our eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows and teeth, they all stop growing when they reach a certain limit. See your head, your face, your arms and hands, how attractively they are crafted. Who actually exerts their shape? It is only Allah. Open your eyes and look at all these appearances, which the creator created for a purpose. Allah says in the Quran, “And HE made everything in the heavens and everything on earth subservient to you. It is all from HIM. There are certainly signs in that for people who reflect.”(Surah Al Jathiya).

Then why don’t we obey the principles of Allah and his Messenger Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The day is not far from all of us when Allah and his Messenger S.A.W will question us on what we did in a materialistic world. We will be asked: did you really obey our sayings?

Let’s try to make ourselves better so as to become loyal followers of our Lord and his Messenger S.A.W. Let me end with these majestic words of Dr Sir Mohammad Iqbal:

Apney Mann Mein Doob Kar Paaja Surag-e-Zindagi,

Tu Agar Mera Nahi Banta Na Bann, Apna To Bann

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