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Changing India

Changing India
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Communal tension is not new to India at all. Communal riots and tensions have occurred throughout India’s history after its independence. Particular minority communities have been made target by the majority irrespective of the fact that who was in the government. This being said, seldom did it happen that the government either patronized or worse, itself orchestrated these attacks. But with the election of Modi as the PM and BJP in power in the centre and in almost every state, things have already started to change.

Though a bunch of fundamentalists brag here and there, the major section of society is scared and is anticipating scathe through this regime. Within a month after Modi took over the charge, some newfangled ideas are being implemented which makes us believe “Desh Badal Raha Hai’’ (India is changing). However, is this change for good or worse, only time can tell but hitherto it seems to be sorrier as far as minority rights are concerned .The first transmutation that is being witnessed is the ‘larger than life’ importance of cow. Life of person doesn’t matter, chastity of woman is immaterial but Cow must not be harmed. Mahila Rakshak brigade has now been replaced by Gaw Rakshaks who have been licensed to lynch people if they smell beef. Ghar wapsi, Love Jihad, Akhand Bharat and other anti-secular terms are echoing. Nathu Ram Godse has turned into a hero from being a villain for almost 70 years, while for Ghandi reverse is becoming true. Starting a reverie about the presence of Ganesha in a mosque; launching campaign for a Muslim free nation or replacing street names from Humayun to Hanuman speaks volumes about jingoism and outlook of this regime. Not only Muslims, Dalits have also begun to face heat. Unlike earlier, news about lynching of Muslims and inhuman approach towards Dalit community are making it to the headlines of newspapers. It seems that this regime is all set, either to wipe out Muslim and Dalit population or pronounce banishment on them.

Presently, anti islamists like Salman Rushdi, an American, Tasleema Nasreen, a Bangladeshi, Tarek Fateh , a Canadian, who have no takers in their respective nations, find dwelling place in India and receive guest welcome on Indian biased media .This is not just a coincidence but an undeclared “Man Ki Baat”. Meanwhile in an attempt to nourish its mission of Muslim free India, Dr. Zakir Naik, an influential Islamic orator is accused of gruesome charges. From a couple of months now, news about him are making rounds. In fact Dr. Naik, a strong Muslim voice who attracted lacs through his eloquence, opened up minds of people, revolutionized intellect and vision of youth, promoted Islamophilia (Love for Islam) in the hearts of thousands through his precise understanding of religion, has unnerved ultra nationalists. They foresaw their mission of Hindu Rashtra wrecking. Thus only option left was to gag this voice.

Let’s assume for a second, which of course is not true, that he enticed people to go on killing spree and deserves legal action, how then, the leaders asking people to rape dead Muslim women can enjoy impunity. How people promoting lynching can escape action of law? How those, who provoke non-Muslims against Muslims are immune. Doesn’t the statement “India isn’t for Muslims, they either must be deported to Pakistan or send to Qabristan” encompass term “Provocation”? Is Article-14, “Equality before Law” meaningless? Does law vary from community to community? If “No’’ is the answer then why minorities are under threat in much hyped pluralistic and diverse nation? Why the people, who on daily basis deliver sermons about democracy, secularism, civil and religious rights don’t even bat an eyelid. Why their conscience is not shaken, when a particular community is being terrorized and targeted. Why self claimed secularists are silent, when sentiments of one cult doesn’t matter for other and when Gandhism is trampled in Ghandi’s country.

It is also a bitter truth, designing of Din-ilahi demanded collaboration of scholars like Abul Fazl and Faizi. Repeating history, several paid, unfamiliar Muslim pseudo-scholars, were employed to spew venom against Dr. Naik for legitimizing and practicing the agenda of muzzling the Muslim voice. Enslaving their conscience, they also lived beyond their expectations but forgot that today it is Dr. Naik, tomorrow it would be their turn.

If such designs doesn’t invoke disfavor from pseudo-secularists, Muslim population of India need to understand that targeting Dr. Naik is assault on entire Muslim community, not on particular school of thought or ideology and little insensitivity towards it can have repercussions as next anti –Muslim propaganda “Uniform Civil Code” is on cards, with ulterior motive of MPL nullification .Before it is too late ,need of hour is to wake up from slumber and raise the voice to demand rights and justice that Indian constitution has guaranteed to its citizens. (Writer is serving in Education department)

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