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‘Coaching for me is like spoon feeding. It constricts your vision. Self study helps in exploring hidden areas,’ Er Aabid Hussain Sadiq, IAS.

‘Coaching for me is like spoon feeding. It constricts your vision. Self study helps in exploring hidden areas,’ Er Aabid Hussain Sadiq, IAS.
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A Srinagar boy secured 27th position in the Indian Adminstrative Services in 2013-14 without availing any coaching facility. Aabid Hussain Sadiq, an Electronics and Communication graduate with an MBA degree during an interview with a Young Journalist Mansoor Parey, revealed his mantra of success. Aabid says, “Smart work, is the key to success in civil services.”

Here are Excerpts from the interview:

Firstly we would congratulate you on your success in IAS. Everybody has a motivation, what was your to opt for IAS?

Thank you. Well, the motive is to serve the public in best capacity. I opted for IAS for multiplying the chances to serve the people at grassroot level.

Please tell us about your schooling and family background?

I did my schooling from CASET School and Tyndale Biscoe School. Then I did my engineering in Electronics and Communication from N.I.T Srinagar and M.B.A from University of Kashmir. As far as my family is concerned my father is a lawyer and mother, a teacher.

Most of the people in Kashmir dream of medical or engineering as a primary career choice, why did you opt for a different line?

The idea of serving people directly and helping to develop policies for their welfare, made me to think and pursue my career differently.

Did you take coaching from any institute?

No. Not at all. I am a self taught man.

What is the difference between self study and availing coaching from subject experts while preparing for Civil Services?

Coaching for me is like spoon feeding. It constricts your vision. Self study helps in exploring hidden areas and develops confidence in oneself.

What books and other study material would you suggest for preparation of civil services?

The most important resource material available is the internet which has all the information one needs for this examination. In addition to internet one can study NCERT books of 11th and 12th classes on economy, history and geography. For CSAT one can use either Arihant or Tata McGraw Hill series.

Do you think an aspirant needs to become a bookworm to qualify Civil Services?

Smart work, not hard work is the key to the success in this exam. Donkey labor is not required. What is required is to strategize and plan and then execute the plan effectively.

You chose public administration as your optional subject in the exams. Any specific reasons for this option?

It was related to management and I found the syllabus interesting.

Who inspired you the most for becoming an IAS officer?

My inspiration has been my grandfather who was one among the first batch IPS officers of the state. But I would like to thank my parents, siblings and my wife who have supported me all the way through. I think it is due to the prayers of my parents that I could get through this difficult examination.

How do you see the changes in examination?

It is a welcome change which has brought some parity in this examination.

How is interview conducted in the IAS? Can you share some part of it with our readers?

It was conducted in a very cordial way. Questions were asked about my state, hobbies and educational background.

Which journals and newspapers you have been reading for preparations to IAS?

Indian Express, The Hindu and Economic & Political Weekly.

Kindly share your time management during the preparation days?

Since I already had a job, I had to devise a strategy wherein I could utilize most of the spare time for studying. I utilized my morning and evening hours for studying intensively.

Do you have any message for the youth of J&K, especially civil services aspirants?

Pursue your dreams with passion, work smartly, be focused, have dedication and you will achieve your goal.

What significance does cracking such a prestigious examination hold for you and how do you look forward to your future?

It is a huge moment for me to see my dreams turn into reality but it is the first step only, now I want to use this platform to serve the people.

Thank you Abid for sharing your experience with our readers.

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