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Lesson Of Life : Never Give Up

Lesson Of Life : Never Give Up
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When we read the life history and achievements of Winston Churchill, we come to know how he failed during his Sixth grade and how he was frequently defeated in elections but ultimately became the Prime Minister of the country at the age of 62. On the other hand, Tony Blair whose teacher always called him a ‘ failure’ but , on account of his dedication, courage and effort’s he became one of the towering and famed politicians in world. One more example I want to posit here is India’s great and renowned rocket scientist late Abdul Kalam, who was rejected in an interview of pilot post but later became the 11th President of India.

Undoubtedly, the word ‘failure’ is one of the ugliest and miserable words, which sometimes changes the life of an individual. It comes in one’s life either directly or indirectly and leaves one overpowered, hapless and reluctant for some time. But there is a life, destiny, dreams and many other engagements after a disappointment and a stumble in life.

I remember when I failed to pass the entrance exam for my Master’s degree in several universities including the University of Kashmir, the Central University of Kashmir, Aligarh Muslim University, and Jawaharlal Nehru University. I honestly felt disappointed and more reluctance towards my life and for further education. Because these were the battles in my life where I was defeated and recognized myself as one of the ‘failed’. During those painful days, my beloved father repeatedly encouraged and advised me that I should not think about my ‘failures’ and merely dwell on the past. He frequently used to encourage and mollify me after not qualifying any entrance exam in these universities but when I qualified the entrance exam at Islamic University of Science and Technology which, of course was the last option for me at that time, he was the first one who congratulated me. I remember when he used to say ‘one should not give up’.

Yes, behind every success story, there is a setback and other stumbles which changes the direction of our lives. We must understand that the sweetest, loveliest and the most salubrious victory or appointment(s) are the ones which elicit struggle from a person. I firmly believe that failure is one the greatest mentor which shows the reality of the world and uplifts the individual to think about his/her lacunas. Moreover, after disappointment or a defeat, one needs persistence and to resist is the core key towards a shining and luminous dawn for which an individual is eagerly waiting for or dreaming. One needs to have convictions, confidence and courage to face any setback or stumble anywhere in a life; to give up or to quit is the real ‘failure’ but to start again with more confidence, courage and dedication is the work of real lion who may have seen tears also but is still able to fight again to achieve desired goals and dreams.

I remember a friend of mine, who was studying with me but did not qualify 12th class examination with me , but his good approach, confidence and courage was that he not give up or quite rather he again sat in exams and came with soaring grades; today he has a good grades on his marks sheet than me. So, here we learn again that one should not give up and underestimate one’s potential; rather everyone has his or her own unique talent, confidence and a beautiful destiny for which he or she cherishes and struggles for. I firmly believe that first disappointment is the corner stone which later helps us to build a prosper and progressive life . It is one of the stones which lays down the first foundation of our dreams and goals of our life.

Don’t confuse or underestimate yourself with your first failure or disappointment. I have seen that many students who did not qualify 10th , 12th class Board examinations and various entrance examinations in different universities of state and outside state are very reluctant and overpowered ; It is the duty of the parents not to force them or hurt them. They should be given free space this time; next time they too will succeed with flying colors. My dear brothers and sisters, let me conclude by stating that if Thomas Edison, one of the greatest scientists of our times had stopped or given up his work without creating the bulb after his first disappointing and setback , then the whole world would have been living in darkness,. Failure does not mean that one have failed but it only means that one has yet to succeed.

Author is Studying International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies at IUST.

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