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Kashmir: The litmus test for Indian Democracy

Kashmir: The litmus test for Indian Democracy
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India is considered as the world’s largest democratic country. In a democratic country, you have every right to express your own feelings, but when it comes to Kashmir it is usually brushed off. In a democratic country, it is a given to have protection of the human rights, but what about Kashmir? In Kashmir we are witnessing the human rights violation from every corner. Since the independence of India, we (Kashmiris) felt thwarted, came out on roads, hurled stones on Indian troopers, took injured ones for  remediation, washed the blood of our beloved ones, gave psychological support to the families who lost their bread and butter for right to self-determination but still we are on the same spot. Kashmir has been deliberately misunderstood by the world’s largest democratic country. A place forgotten by the world, a place where the leaders of the united nation have no time to take-heed of our woeful voices. It is a place where brutal killing of innocents has become the routine of Indian troopers.

Despite these deplorable things taking place in our oppressed Kashmir, still the people of world consider India as a democratic country; indeed this may be true because the great Indian freedom fighter leaders whether, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru or someone else are respected because they made India a democratic country. But it is witnessed that neither democracy nor justice was delivered in Kashmir since the freedom of India. From 1947 till now we have witnessed the loss of around one lakh people. Lakhs of people are languishing in the jails for many years, thousands of people have disappeared, thousands of women were raped by troopers of so called largest democratic country, and thousands of people are implicated in various fake cases. Besides human lives we have also lost more than 20000 commercial establishments and more than 9000 houses were set ablaze in our oppressed Kashmir. I have gone through so many books, surfed so many sites related to Kashmir conflict. Indeed in every site & in every book, I read the how barbarity was unleashed on Kashmiris by Indian state.

My heart bleeds when I cogitate about various incidents whether it is, Gawkadal-massacre,Kunan-Poshpora incident, Asiya and Neelofar case, Wamiq Farooq’s killing and many more incidents. Even since years they don’t get justice by the world’s largest democratic country. If they don’t deliver, then I have every right to call world’s largest democracy that you don’t actually are worth to be called so. You are just trying to be world’s largest democratic country but you are failing in it.

Since the last 68 years, we (Kashmiris) want our right to self-determination, but I don’t know why you (India) don’t find any pragmatic way to solve this conflict. India & Pakistan made around 150  round of talks to solve the world’s largest conflict issue, but nothing materializes which would lead Kashmiri people to live in a peaceful way.

India has always been making hue and cry over Kashmir. Though, it claims to be most democratic country but lacks the sense of listening which is essence of democracy. Since decades Kashmiris are tortured, killed, trodden ruthlessly by its troopers. The most draconian law i.e AFSPA is in place which provides immunity to its soldiers for committing war crimes. By this law, they can beat us, they can offend us, and they can terminate our houses, they can gather us for repressive actions, even they can do everything with us what they want to do, and still has no shame in calling itself as world’s largest democratic country. Another black law in place is Public Safety Act by which any person can be booked and cannot be bailed for at least three months. Also DAA (Disturbed Areas Act), by which whole area of Kashmir can be declared disturbed and this act gives the extraordinary powers of arrest and detention. The other one is TADA (Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act), by this armed forces can enjoy their whole powers on wretched Kashmiri masses. Other dreadful act is POTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act), this law was first rejected by the upper-house, but it was passed at the joint session of Indian parliament, it is hardly used outside the Kashmir. Main focus of this act is to legalize it only on the Kashmiris. The NSA (National Security Act) is another one via this act a person can be detained without charge. Besides these acts there are various acts which are only made for Kashmiri masses.

Post Script: Remember that before 506 years ago-we were free. By some means, we were occupied illegally. Your ancestors promised us that they will give us rights but neither have we got our rights nor did you do justice with us. Either solve the long pending dispute or stop calling yourself as democratic country.

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