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Establishing Justice To Oppressed

Establishing Justice To Oppressed
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Surely We have revealed the Book to you with truth so that you may judge between people by means of what Allah has taught you. And be not one pleading the cause of the dishonest. (Holy Quran 4:105)

This verse enjoins that the balance of justice must be held equal between friends and foes, Muslims and non-Muslims. Therefore be sure that, Justice is the cardinal value of any civilized society and has been the cornerstone and bedrock of all great civilizations. Without justice, the entire bulwark of society would crumble. In the Islamic paradigm, justice has a very broad connotation and even our individual actions vis a vis other individuals and the society at large are amenable to the rules of justice.

Our study of history of revolutions shows important factors worthy of reflecting upon, on which the basis of uprisings and revolutions around the world between various nations were built. The factor is no other than justice. Many times word awakened the souls of those whose lives were filled with deprivation and whose rights and honor were encroached upon. The oppressed revolted against the organs of evil, and endeavored to achieve the precious gems of freedom and justice by eradicating the unjust beasts. In most cases, the oppressed were willing to sacrifice their lives in the hope of wiping our oppression.

It is unfortunate to say that the great majority of revolutions and uprisings were neither able to reach their sacred goals nor achieve their hopes of eradicating the pain and oppression in their lives and lands.

Indeed, those who claim that life is just a day to day struggle for survival, constantly attempt to destroy the weak with the pressure of deprivation; hoping by doing so to strengthen their power to protect their position. They will commit any crime no matter how inhuman in order to satisfy themselves. But as the days pass, the flames of anger rage in their hearts  of the oppressed, who inflict great calamities on the lives of the tyrant. As happening in the lands of some Muslim majority populous lands including Kashmir.

As today oppression has reached its peak, the flames of oppression and injustice rage through various generations and threaten the structure of human civilizations with sure destruction. The agents of oppression abuse the rights of human societies and rob them of their resources and wealth with every available means.

 Holy Quran narrates:

“O you who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be against rich or poor, for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts of your hearts, lest you swerve, and if you distort justice or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do.” (Surah Al Nisa, Ayat 135)

Thus secret behind the failure becomes apparent with a little reflection on an important issue. That is to say that a society which loses track of the natural course of development and becomes accustomed to failure and backwardness will be unable to bear a just system and will be unable to tolerate just order. Establishing justice is only possible in appropriate atmospheres, without which justice has no chance of appearing on the horizons of life.

A just law is a basic requirement for any social structure. A just law guarantees the rights of all classes and individuals in accordance with the welfare  of the public, accompanied by behavioral implementation of its various codes.

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) says, that“He who associates with people as he himself would like others to associate with him Is indeed Just”

Thereof justice is a natural law observed in all corners of the universe. Allah, the Almighty, decreed the outline of the world to be dependent on justice, so that it cannot be violated in any possible manner. The astonishing and precise harmonies which exist between the different organs of our bodies are amongst the most obvious manifestations of the accurate law of justice in this universe. By observing ourselves we can initiate the understanding of the rest of the universe thereof.

The balance that rules the universe is compulsory in the meaning that it is instructive. Because man was given the freedom of will and thought, it becomes his duty to establish the pillars of justice in his society. It is true that in some instances, the reasoning power in man needs legislative guidance, but at times, it can also do without it, for men realize many facts independently. In some cases, reason can pass judgement as to the goodness or incorrectness of an affair.

Justice enjoys a sensitive position in man’s life , for it is a source of all noble traits. In other words, justice is a motive behind excellent conduct. It is also an element that creates harmony and serenity between human societies. In fact just is an essential step towards uniting societies and  sects in the path of righteousness.

Plato, the famous Greek philosopher, said: If justice finds its way into man’s spirit, the bright rays will light all his spiritual powers; because all noble traits and human morals arise from the spring of justice. It grants man the ability to perform his personal works to the best, which is the ultimate happiness of man and the peak of his closeness to the Almighty.

It is safe enough to say that justice is the basic element in organized social life. With justice a new chapter of life is opened, societies find new spirit in them, and it lights the human life with glory and beauty. A society where life enjoys the beauty of justice fins necessities of life, and therefore overcomes all its problems.


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