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I Am Wani – The Pakistani

I Am Wani – The Pakistani
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From the flesh of our fighters
From each bullet hole
The blood that comes out
Is not a loss but the life.In the lap of peaks
That cadaver of our warriors
Gave nectar of life
To the detained liberty.Have you ever seen?
Words and valor
Imprisoned within
The tip of the tongue
And the skin of our body?No!
You haven’t seen
You won’t see!Because,
We don’t master courage
From YouTube tutorial
And the pixels of articles
That dance on your screens

Our ancestor injected
The braveness of the desserts
The deepness of the oceans
The roars of the rivers
The mightiness of the mountains
The calmness of the seas
The beauty of the valleys
The soil of the plains
In us!

Each drop of our blood is
Nectar of life.

We are Wani!
We are Pakistani!
*Poet studies Fine art at Viqar Un Nisa College, Rawalpindi. Besides being debater and national player she specializes in poetry articles.
She can be reached at
Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position of Oracle Opinions.

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