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Can You be The Moon?

Can You be The Moon?
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In the dead darkest nights
There are some stars
Who still
Fight to shine.
In the mourning evenings
Of hunger games
There are some seeds
Who still
Wait to rise.Humanity never dies,
It’s we who close our eyes.

Empty stomach kid
Or a shelter less old
Orphan lassie
Or the lost lad,
Eidhi dragged them all
On the tracks.

And taught
The cultural brutes
The Humanity!

He was the seed
He became the tree
Of hope
He was the moon
He covered the sky
With love!

Can you be that seed?
Can you be that moon?
Can you be the Eidhi?

Poet studies Fine art at Viqar Un Nisa College, Rawalpindi. Besides being debater and national player she specializes in poetry articles.
She can be reached at

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