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All You Need To Know About Modi’s Visit To Israel

All You Need To Know About Modi’s Visit To Israel
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One must acknowledge that from Delhi to Jerusalem, from Modi to Netanyahu, from technological relations to ideological relations surely  the main target is (Islam) and to erase the Freedom Movements in both the occupied lands of Kashmir and Palestine.

“We have the same enemy: radical Islam,” said Efraim Infar of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv. “Like us, they live in a difficult neighborhood,” he added, alluding to Pakistan and China.

India had long embraced the Palestinian cause and would kept its distance from Israel to protect its interests in the Arab world. But  Now the runways have been totally changed. Modi seems as eager as Netanyahu to delink Israel from the Palestinian  question and notably would not be combining his trip with a courtesy visit to the Palestinian Authority.

“We’ve been waiting for you a long time. We’ve been waiting nearly 70 years, in fact,” since the state of Israel was established,  Netanyahu said in his welcoming remarks at the airport.

Trying hard as both the occupiers India and Israel go around  visits to destabilize the Movements in every possible way. Not a new thing to be known, about the Zionist hidden relations between the two big occupiers of the two Muslim majority states of Kashmir and Palestine, hinting you through relationship that India  is the largest buyer of Israeli military equipment and Israel is the second-largest defense supplier to India after Russia. From 1999 to 2009, the military business between the two nations was worth around $9 billion. Military and strategic ties between the two nations extend to intelligence sharing on the militant organizations  in Kashmir and Palestine thus strategically applying every ideology and tool  to weaken the Freedom Movements in both the states.

Israel either ordered or requested India to stop Quds and Anti-Israeli rallies and slogans in India, and exactly India would welcome as witnessed  recent Quds rallies not only Anti-Israel slogans but also Anti-Indian especially in Kashmir in Quds rallies that India thought to be limited to Palestine and Israel.

Further we can notice more similarities than differences between the occupiers and Zionist masters, for a while retake  your eyes to the periods of unrest in Kashmir last year, the Pellets, Pepper gas, Rolling guns, Freaking Gas, all were the gifts presented by Israel to India having already experimented in Palestine.

And as of 2014, India is the third-largest Asian trade partner of Israel, and tenth-largest trade partner overall. In 2014, bilateral trade, excluding military sales, stood at US$4.52 billion. Relations further expanded during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration, with India abstaining from voting against Israel in the United Nations in several resolutions. As of 2015, the two nations are negotiating an extensive bilateral free trade agreement, focusing on areas such as information technology and other armed relations.

Logically the relation will remain so strong till both the occupied lands will be destroyed in every developmental fields, whether economic, political, or religious. India was unaware to tackle down with the confrontation of Kashmir in the subtle way, till dating the Martyrdom of Martyr Burhan Wani in 8th July 2016, followed by complete six months sheer shut down in the valley. India failed in every sphere suddenly adopted the brutal trends of Israel used in Palestine.

The most notable scenario is the diplomatic conversions between the two occupiers, as Modi became the first PM of India to visit Israel. The sudden change in the international relations with the country that never approved India, welcoming with great charm and happiness and  mark the relations since in both the occupied  lands of Kashmir and Palestine Freedom Movements are about to set the revolutions, followed after the Martyrdom of  Martyr Burhan Wani and the recent hunger strike in Palestine.

The policies, agreements, diplomacy via through Technological Arms, and their so called the confrontation of terrorism sharing the best strategies to each other  to control the shinning rays of revolutions in both the lands.

Extraordinarily watching to an international poll conducted in 2009, 58% of Indians expressed sympathy with Israel, compared with 56% of Americans. And Israel is India’s third-largest source of arms, with a 7.2 per cent share of imports between 2012 and 2016, next to the US (14 per cent) and Russia (68 per cent). India’s imports of unarmed aerial vehicles (UAVs) have almost all been from Israel.

Global breeze of defamation of Zionism lead by Israel, as operating head, India as  leading sponsor and ISIS as worker as interlinked. Now directly embracing to one another to strengthen their main motive of stopping the rise of Islamic revolutions throughout the world especially Kashmir and Palestine. The end of the Cold War and the changing landscape of Middle East politics had provided India powerful incentives to change course. Under Modi, this has all changed. His government has officially delinked India’s relationship with Israel from the question of Palestinian self-determination. As Netanyahu favors India in countering Freedom movement in Kashmir, and  India’s ambassador to Israel recently stated that “we can deal with the Palestinians and Israelis separately, on their own merits.”

There is, however, a hidden cost to India’s embrace of Israel, one that undermines India’s democracy at home if not its diplomatic standing abroad. And that is the tendency for closer engagement with Israel to reinforce an increasingly paranoid worldview among Indian leaders, political commentators, and the public at large.

Israel is now India’s number two arms supplier, and India is among Israel’s biggest customers for military equipment. Israeli defense companies are establishing joint ventures to produce small arms in India. In April 2017, India and Israel signed a $2 billion deal for an advanced medium-range surface-to-air missile system, which will provide the Indian army the capability to shoot down aircraft, missiles and drones at ranges of up to 70 km.

The visit can refresh your mind, as watching the breakdown of ISIS globally and continuous supportive speeches of  the supreme leader of Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamnae asking all Muslims to stand with the Muslims of Kashmir and Myanmar, for India in both the lands is responsible of killing innocent Muslims, however directly in Kashmir and indirectly in Myanmar supporting  them in Killing Rohungiya Muslims. Thus India secretly and indirectly urging to stabilize the relations with Israel, seeing Israel in rivalry with Iran on Palestinian (Quds) issue as well.

The active Hindu nationalist movement in which Modi has spent his entire adult life explicitly seeks to make India a Hindu nation. Nowhere is this syndrome more pronounced than in the Modi government’s approach to Kashmir, which critics sometimes call “India’s Palestine.” Whereas on daily basis, Indian ‘security forces’ commit atrocities in Muslim majority Kashmir, for which they were condemned as behaving like Israeli occupiers . Today, ardent supporters of a hard line on Kashmir positively relish comparisons between the Indian and Israeli militaries. Modi himself drew such a parallel last October and Earlier this year, when an Indian army officer strapped a Kashmiri civilian Farooq Ahmad Dar onto a jeep as a “human shield,” defenders of this heinous act justified it by claiming the tactic was pioneered by the Israeli military.

In April of this year, a retired Indian air vice-marshal called for India to replicate the Israeli model of total social mobilization against their so called terrorism. Such an approach feeds, and feeds on, the fear psychosis that is shrinking the political center in both countries  and diminishing the scope for peaceful conflict resolution in either.

How profoundly India’s public narrative on Israel’s occupation has shifted was in evidence in mid June, when youthful political activists in a south Indian town sought to show solidarity with besieged Palestinians by putting up signs renaming one of its streets after Gaza. Hindu nationalist leaders and sections of India’s media exploded with outrage calling the town an ISIS lair. An official in India’s Intelligence Bureau considered this act of consciousness-raising part of a strategy to radicalize the region’s sizable Muslim population.

Alas! Noticeable is the panorama,  as India slaps  at ‘Burhan Wani Day’ rally to be held in  Birmingham, to stop the  event. This surely indicates the frustration among their heads, charging every reaction from the Freedom Movements of Kashmir.

Both the occupiers are so busy to create the chaos in Islamic Ummah, to keep them under the shade of Zionism, as worthy to remind you about the speech by Rajeshwar Singh ,who pledged and sworn to erase the name of Islam in India till 31st Dec 2021 and make India pure Hindu country. Similarly Israeli active  Zionist policies against Islam are floating over the world. And the glimpses can be seen on the occupation of the first Qibla of Muslims Quds Palestine now directing to gettable areas of Syria and Iraq indirectly established and sponsoring the terrorist organizations like ISIS, that I confidently abbreviate (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services) to defame the name of Islam.

The  wars from the Zionist Master are punctuated by a serious of assaults on Palestinian civilians as the Zionist machine occupies more and more Palestinian land. Lately, an extreme right-wing Zionist Knesset (Parliament) member Yehuda Glick had warned the Palestinians that their actions could lead to the destruction of the holy Al-Aqsa Masjid. That led to a series of knife attacks by Palestinians incensed by the threat to the holy shrine. Many of the Palestinians who were  revolting were shot dead.

Forwarded from Israeli ideological friend, India tactically using similar strategies in Kashmir, leaving thousands of grave yards  adorned with  dead bodies of Kashmiri people.  Making thousands of youngsters dreamless by snatching their eyesight,  using Israeli borrowed Pellet guns, Tear gasses, Assault gasses,  as stated, the Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society organization states that there have been over 70,000 killings, 8000 plus forced disappearances, mass torture, sexual violence and what not. And bereaved are scared of seeking justice, fearing they can receive the same result in one way or the other like Kunan-Poshpora. The hoisting of ISIS flags simultaneously dramatize it through media to divert the attention of the supporters of Kashmir Freedom Movement and weaken it to conceal their brutalities.

Therefore, why was Modi eager to visit Israel? As  in the last important Israeli visit to India by former president and veteran leader Shimon Peres, senior BJP leader LK Advani reportedly asked Peres for suggestions on how to deal with Kashmir. Peres, a very wily leader, suggested that India should populate the Kashmir valley with non-Kashmiris. Similarly having suggested their experimented approaches in Palestine. That India  could heartily welcome.



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