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Interview with Bisma Qazi who made it to IAS.

Interview with Bisma Qazi who made it to IAS.
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Bisma Qazi In an exclusive Interview with Journalist Mansoor Parey for Oracle Opinions. Bisma, created history of sorts by securing 115th rank in Civil Services talks about her struggles, success, achievement and much more.



Q1. First lets walk through your educational background and the place you were Born?

Ans. I am from Srinagar, born and brought up here only, had schooling from Mallinson Girls higher secondary School , later I qualified Jammu Kashmir Common Entrance Test and got admitted in electronics and communication.


Q2. What was the reason for shifting from Engineering to Administration?

Ans: I passed my graduation in 2014 in that year when furry floods hit Kashmir. I worked in flood relief distribution and could feel the pain of people around. This drove my path towards administration. I was college topper in engineering and a Gold Medalist and could easily get job that too a lucrative one but that flood disaster motivated me to work for my people and redress their grievances in whatever capacities I could.


Q4. What significance does cracking such a prestigious examination hold for you and how do you look forward to your future? 

Ans: Cracking Civil Service Examination is a great achievement but it’s just the beginning, there are miles to go and contribute to society and citizens.


Q5. How has been the family Support throughout this Journey?

Ans: My mother is the mentor and guide behind my success.  Its not that I did it “we did it”. She is the lady who enlightened my life, boasted my morale and never let anything on me. I am thankful to Allah for choosing me as her child.


Q6. Earlier you didn’t qualify MBBS was it painful?

Ans: Failure didn’t dishearten me. I missed MBBS just by a (one) rank and it was painful but Allah is the best planner as Allah wanted me to work on larger platform of administration rather than in medicine.


Q7. What Kind of materials you read for Anthropology and General Studies please elaborate?

Ans: For my optional I took no coaching not even test series. I read basic material and wrote my analysis about different issues and problems. For general studies, we need to know everything under and above the sun .For that holistic studies are needed, and be fully aware with all current issues and events


Q8.  What kind of challenges do you faced during the preparation of this exam?

Ans: I enjoyed the entire phase of preparation. I was curious to know about things and everything went on from one stage to another. The challenge was that of internet connectivity as that was the period of turmoil but I compensated that with news and discussions on national television.


Q9. Can you describe the feeling once you came to know about your selection? Who inspired you most for becoming an IAS officer?

Ans: The feeling was overwhelming for me and my family and the timing of result announcement was perfect as it was Iftaar time, it enhanced the happiness. There were many people who inspired me but the initiator of this inspiration was my Mom. Since my semester 1st of engineering she used to get all the stuff required for this exam herself be it journals  ,magazines, current affairs, Books etc


Q10. Which journals and newspapers you have been reading for preparations to IAS?

Ans: I used to study many of these but later during mains preparation I consolidated whatever I had studied. There are many journals and magazines in market. One must study only those which he/she find lucid relevant. E.g Yojana, Kurukshetra etc


Q11. What according to you is the biggest issue facing the youth in Kashmir?

Ans: Youth in Jammu and Kashmir are extremely talented but only thing needed is confidence and right direction because many of them are sceptic about their talent and this hampers their progress. They must remove all scepticism and cynicism. There is a larger platform for them to explore. Its not just civil services but lot many other sectors where our talented youth can display their constructive and genius brains through their innovative projects and discoveries.


Q12. Message from Bisma Qazi to future IAS Aspirants?

Ans: Don’t lose your heart, stay focused on your studies with dedication, perspiration and determination.


Thank you Bisma for sharing your valuable experiences and views with our readers. Thank You!

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