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Quds Day and Kashmir

Quds Day and Kashmir
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Al-Quds Day is the name of voice of voiceless, hope of hopeless, help of helpless, identification of unidentified, courage for discouraged, consolation of bereaved, strength for weak and weapon of un-armed. Quds Day is the name of the way of resistance, Day of struggle, and truly the day of victory for the tyrannized people ahead.

It was originally established by Ayatollah Rohullah Khomeini, leader of Islamic Revolution of Iran 1979 and declared the last Friday of the Holy month of Ramazan as Quds Day. It is the annual anti-Zionist day of protest in which Muslims unite globally in solidarity against oppression and tyranny, especially the illegal occupation of Israel over Palestine. He declared the liberation of Quds (The first Qibla of Muslims) as religious duty upon all Muslims.

Quds Day is an international day and is not limited and exclusive to Quds or Palestine; it is the day of defending the tyrannized, whether it is Palestine, Kashmir or any other tyrannized region. This is the day of oppressed to up rise against the arrogant oppressors to defeat them.

The International Day of Quds is the cry of the oppressed and tyrannized ones against all forms and manifestations of injustice, tyranny and oppression. This very day has a specific symbol and a general message with multiple aspects.

Quds is an international religious symbol. Its suffering reflects the reality of tyranny and oppression of which many people and communities, at different times and ages are enduring. It reflects the reality of the ongoing conflict between the oppressors and the oppressed ones which have been narrated in the Holy Quran.

We as Muslims live in this reality every single day with different aspects and approaches. We are in a constant need to understand the concepts of the conflict, its goals and objectives, its causes, and its facts; and to come up with its consequences across the history; not relying on the actual present, which might draw a false image of it.

“Quds Day is like Azaan (call for prayer) that invites people to Mosque for Salat (prayer), similarly Quds Day invites and attracts all Muslims to assemble and protest against the oppression of oppressors”

This day should be taken as a means of unity in Kashmir, the land thirsty of unity, it should not be considered just the Day for Quds but the day of Islam, the day of raising Islamic banners to get united for Islamic governance, against Zionism, illegal invasion and occupation of Kashmir and Palestine and other oppressed nations.

Some reputed Islamic scholars in our valley neglect this day and keep it limited to the Palestinians and on the other hand lakhs of Kashmiri people observe the day with great esteem. However both the categories surely are leading relatively to the wrong directions. The need of the hour is that we all should struggle hand in hand with highest solidarity to each other.

“True believer is one who feels the pain in the east, of injuries of a believer in the west

There is no doubt that the International Day of Quds, which coincides with the last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan every year, involves significant semantics and symbolic and spiritual concepts related to one of the most important issues that holds much concern by the general Islamic world, among which the revelation of Holy Quran, the best guide for humankind is narrated, as well as those supporting and advocating for humanity, the values of truth, justice, and triumph for the oppressed and tyrannized ones.

  • We Kashmiri and Palestinians are treated as second class citizens in our own land.
  • Kashmir and Palestine are among the most militarized regions in the world.
  • Both the regions live under military occupation since 1947. People are forced to travel through military checkpoints, to move almost everywhere including commuting to work.

Being Kashmiri we should not observe the day just for Palestinian cause, but Kashmir should be taken similar to Palestine, as grown up Kashmiri children have also watched the populous grave yards adorned. We too have the logical history of India’s brutal occupation, and really the stories of the dead cannot be silenced. The torture and death can be buried no longer.

Therefore Kashmiri must not ignore Kashmir cause and should support Palestine as well with all its integrity. He should unitedly oppose and hold peaceful protests against oppressors. This is the day to warn the Zionist and foreign powers like Israel and India to end their illegal occupation. This day must be used as a means of struggle and the way of resistance in Kashmir the aim of which is to defeat India’s illegal occupation in Kashmir likewise Israeli Occupation in Palestine.

Quds Day is to heal the injuries, console the bereaved, encourage the weak, reward the martyrs, award the fighters and punish the cruel.

Quds Day is the day of unity against evil and oppressors to rub their nose in the dirt. The day surely distinguishes hypocrites from the true believers, for true believers do acknowledge accordingly and up rise against Zionist governance and hypocrites enjoy luxuries under the shade of Zionism.

“Among the greatest Jihad is a word of Justice in front of a Tyrant “

Lastly, we should send thousands of salutations to the personality who set constructed the plinth of Islamic revolution and gifted the Day of humanity, Day of Allah, Day of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), Day of Justice, and the Day of salvation from oppression for whole Muslim Ummah. And we hope this Holy day would be the day of victory from tyranny, oppression and  illegal occupation for Palestine and Kashmir as well.


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