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21 st Ramadan When Imam Ali ( A.S) was Martyred

21 st Ramadan When Imam Ali ( A.S) was Martyred
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A stranger sitting in a corner of the world, away from the people in a state of extreme anguish. He was  stranger although he was living among his people, but he is extremely grieved on them. Time didn’t recognize him, although.

The stranger used to spend everything he possessed on others but didn’t seek anything from them. He was the helper of the weak , brother of the indigent, the father of the orphans. He was stranger on the earth whose every word was true and correct. He was a stranger and a lovely person who suffered all sorts of hardships so that the people might remain happy.

Who was this unique and brave stranger who knew everything and kept his eyes towards all sides. Who could this unique person be except Imam Ali (a.s)?

It was a dark and terrible night. The sky was overcast, at times the lightening flashed and spread all sides. The eagles were sitting in their nests with their heads cast down, because on the following day their feathers were going to fall they were to go in mourning for the Imam of the world.

Alas! The following is the day when an ignorant person was going to commit the most heinous crime till a boastful tyrant king would come to rule, and the noble man was going to meet death. The commander of the faithful drew his hand on his beard and kept weeping for a long time. Looked towards the sky and saw in that dark night the patches of the clouds and the stars, looked at the world and addressing himself to it said“O World! Deceive someone else and not me”.

The time passed on and the 19th Ramazan night grew darker and darker. Imam Ali (a.s) felt himself alone in the world. What a lonely, dreadful and strange place the world is.

When it was dawn light air was blowing and the sky was shedding tears. Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (a.s) proceeded to the masque slowly as if his feet were conversing with the earth and telling it the story of those gloomy moments. The birds were also grieved. He had not yet reached the court yard of the masque when the ducks ran towards him and began to cry. Simultaneously with them the cold morning winds also began to moan. It would appear that the ducks and the wind had already come to know  that the commander of the Faithfulwas proceeding towards his last calamity.

The world was groaning under the pressure of the people and its inhabitants had fallen prey to despair. The deprived persons in Iraq, Hijaz and Syria were leading very burdensome lives.

Imam Ali (a.s) arrived in the masque and prostrated himselfbefore Almighty Allah. Abdur Rahman ibn Maljam also entered the masque carrying with him a sword with a poisoned blade. He dealt such a blow on the head of the Imam Ali (a.s) that as said by him (ibn maljam) if it had been dealt on the heads of all the residents of the city, none of them would have survived.

Violent winds began to blow and everything turned Topsy-Turvy. Dust storms rose from all sides and caused havoc. The bright day became dark like a moonless night. It was a terrible sight. The birds wept and the trees trembled. The followers and admirers of Imam Ali(a.s) were shocked and burst into tears. The lovers of truth and justice will continue to weep over this tragedy till the Day of Judgment.

The best physicians of Kufawere called for the treatment of the Imam (a.s) the physician after examining very carefully the wound of Imam(a.s) said with extreme grief and despair:“O commander of the Faithful! You had better make a will what ever you wish to because the blow dealt has penetrated into your brain”.

Imam (a.s) was not offended by the physician’s remark nor did he utter any word of complaint, resigned himself to the will of Allah and called  Hassan and Hussain (a.s) and gave them some recommendations and breathed his last moments during the night of the 21st of Ramazan 40 A.H.

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