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My Existence

My Existence
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I Resist

I see myself courageous, pitiable though

My heart is bursting,

breathe suffocating,

blood shot eyes, trembling feet,

bone-dry lips,

pong breath and broken-backed

I Resist

I see my thede in brutal hands, the then savior and the now enslaver.

People we believed in, deceived us

Who we trusted the most, betrayed beaucoup.

Whose names we bewed with our faith, perfidy us in return.


For their lusty, selfish interests

I Resist

I see my promises never kept,

I don’t made them, they made

They went to UN, they made resolutions,

They call it ‘dispute’

Now they turn a deaf ear

They rape my rights,

They turn down altogether

I Resist

I see World noticing my fettle,

Watching transgression of their codes, conventions, Yes they do…

But still turn a blind eye

For what reason?..For humanitarian?

For their bloody materialistic greed that makes me to gainstay.

I Resist

I see We agitating Our rights- Inherent and intrinsic

Against a Nation, the nation which is:

Paramount– in kind

Uncivilized– in nature

Communal– in character

Deceptive– in behaviour

Cunning– in attitude and

Merciless and Wild in form but still ‘Bharat Mahaan’ in name.

I Resist

I see how they butchered Muslims,

5 lac in Jammu (the unwritten archive)

The ethnic cleansing,

That communal character,

The Hitlerish regime


Hitler is known, India unknown

I Resist

I see what they made us to believe,

In the corridors of tyranny, we enjoyed serenity

The days of abyss and mayhem were an unruffled firth

The Khaki-worn soldier – my sentry, the sentry of my chastity, esteem, reverence, honor and veneration.

Believe it?

My arse, ‘mon cul’.

I Resist

I see my days of infancy back,

wherefrom this conflict came with my genetic baggage

Our pastime ‘Military-Mujahid’

Military- the fierce, inauspicious- the villain

Mujahid- the ruthful, compassionate- the Hero

Mujahid strife against Indian Military

Is my Hero indeed.

I Resist

I see this ‘Military’- A khaki-worn,

Badged insignia

A black hat

Ratifying carte blanche

Willy nilly kill, rape, torture, maim, mutilate and mangle

Holding a licence to

I Resist

I see my people shouldering

Coffins of my heros- the Mujahideen


Father encoffin his son,

Brother engrave his brother

Wife showering petals on her husband

“Mujahid dies to live forever”

I Resist

I see my mothers mourning,

My sisters and my daughters.

They lament by singing elegies

Beating their chests though

These threnodies are precautions

Others embrace, antiphon the orisons.

I Resist

I see our chastity on auction

We need not daughters!

You think misogynic? Not really

They are tottering, they feel precarious

It is; ‘Saviors are Looters’

Saviors? Shagaholic, bloody looters.

I Resist

I see justice in Kunan Poshpora,

Where grandmothers, gramps,

Mothers, brothers, sisters and daughters Waiting.


Justice is a wound, more you wait, more it get healed

Justice is waiting, waiting is forgetting.

I Resist

I see rape and torture

Asia and Neelofer

Shopian to Dardpora, Uri and Handwara

Kishtawar and Baramulla, Srinagar and Kupwara

They tortured, they raped, they maimed, they killed

‘they are roaming gratis’

I Resist

I see the nocturnal, the diurnal foray,

By infantries

Barging in.. Pillaging the property and looting

Knocking off jewels, goods… lifting the books even

Petrifying families and beating the crap outa them

I Resist

I see the cavalries, the convoys

Crackdowning the communes, the throps.

Flinging out the naive bairns,

the sackless people……

whose screams and howls piercing the heavens.

And so arson the entire throp.

I Resist

I see my comrade on street,

bathing in blood, screaming and yelling.

Holding stone in hand and facing the savage, ..the vicious retaliation.

His determination

Putting up the pebble against a bullet

The sling in retort, pierces……annihilates.

I Resist

I see Resistance is Existence

Resistance is fidelity, Resistance is fervor

Resistance is an opium,

that stupefies the senses of slavery

Resistance brisks the soul, brings fire in the belly

I Resist till I Exist

Resistance is my choice….

* Poet is pursuing BA LLB from University of Kashmir.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the stand of Oracle Opinions.

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