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Land OF Red Cheeks

Land OF Red Cheeks
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As if you never visited Kashmir
A land where cheeks shine
With faith, love and trust;
A land you never loved first

You had never been to Kashmir
But I belong I was born here
Living with my brothers and sisters,
Much pain of bloody stories we share.

I speak Kashmiri and Hindi though,
For we all turn to same direction;
Our heart pumps the same faith
Eternally we have lot of interaction.

The enemies of Kashmir are my enemies
Their friends are my friends too;
Just for Islam we suffered destruction,
For same cause I do what I can do.

Land of  Red cheeks, naturally shine
Is the land I own and I adore;
Diet is oppression, not your wine
After a sea of sufferings I see the shore.

 I’m a Muslim, I ‘am Hindu  I’m Kashmir
Though you see!
We are united, stand up, march forward.
One day Kashmir  will be free.

Poet  is a student of  Political Science and Pursuing Convergent Journalism. He can be reached at

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