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BATTLE OF BADR: The Most Decisive Battle Between Truth & Falsehood

BATTLE OF BADR: The Most Decisive Battle Between Truth & Falsehood
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Peer Bilal Ahmad Baba*

God sent His messengers to the world in different periods of time to preach Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the last messenger who was sent to the Arab where the society was so ignorant that no one claimed to be safe, the life of people, women, children, old, poor or wealthy. Most of the tribes were engaged in the burglary of the trade caravans and the killing was also very common. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sent to demolish this chaotic state of affairs and spread the word of peace. He taught people the righteous way of life and provided a model of practice. He after Prophet-hood continuously struggled to spread Islam for thirteen years during his stay at Makah. Subsequently, He and his companions migrated to Medina where He established a small independent state which was the first independent state of Muslim community. The reason for the migration was because of the severe hostility of the infidel people of Makah. They were planning to slay the Prophet and his companions. The responsibilities of Prophet in Medina were increased as he was leading the tribes as a chief to protect them.

The situation for Muslims was very dangerous and unpleasant because antagonism and annoyance of non-Muslims were converted to horrible and dreadful revenge. The three great powers of the time, Jews, Quraysh and Hypocrites (Munafiqeen) had been assembled against the Muslims as they wanted to ruin the Muslims and Islam. For the first thirteen years of Islam, despite intense persecution, the Muslims did not fight Quraysh.

The Prophet (PBUH) once in Medina received a revelation giving the Muslims permission to respond militarily. It was for the first time Allah permitted Muslims to take up arms in defense against the infidels. The Muslims were outnumbered by the Makkans three to one.  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) subsequently adopted different strategies and plans against the enemies of Islam. He on the one side established good relations through peace treaties with the surrounding clans of Medina and cut off the trade caravans of the Makkans that passed close to Medina and blocked their trade route on another side.

The battle of Badr which is one of the great events of Islamic history took place on Friday, the 17th day of the blessed month of Ramadan in the second year after migration from Makah to Medina (624 CE) in the Hejaz region of present day Saudi Arabia. It is a known fact that during the first 18 months after migration (Hijrah), Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions were under a constant threat of war from their infidel Makkan enemies. The Makkans after many small-scale acts of aggression decided on a major invasion of Medina, which resulted in the Battle of Badr. According to the Holy Quran, this battle was purely ideological. It took place because the Makkans wanted to eradicate Islam and destroy Muslims once and for all, while Allah wanted to establish the supremacy of the Truth and cut the roots of falsehood. It is because of this, the battle day was called the day of ‘Al-Furqaan’, the criterion that determines what the truth is.

Historically, this was the first battle fought between believers and disbelievers, where Muslims (believers) won the war despite the fact that their army was no more than a handful people of around 313 as compared to the non-Muslims (disbelievers). One of the reasons behind this success was the obedience of Muslims to their pious commander. Their victory was too because of their faith in Allah, His help and the amazing strategies of war of the great commander, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This was a miraculous battle where angels descended upon and wreak havoc on the non-believers in the field of combat.

The battle of Badr was of such significance that its happening is full of divine revelation and spiritual and amazing events. It totally confirmed without a doubt the divine support, the Muslims received in the great days of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It was this very battle which introduced the great heroes and champions of Islam to the world who fought against the ignorance, injustice and untruth and came out victorious. This battle besides proved that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was not only a Messenger but also a great Leader and General.

The Chiefs of Makah were the instigators and responsible for this battle to occur. They were determined to wage war against the Prophet (PBUH), and indeed generally against Islam. In such a scenario, the opposition who would be in a natural state of mind would not just sit back and relax. In this case, the opposition was the Muslims, who had to resort to the military, political and economic measures in self-defense. The hostile attitude on the part of Makkans led the Muslims to build up their military strength. The battle of Badr took place in consequence and was enforced on the Muslims as an expected result of long continuous enmity.

This battle of Badr seriously damaged the prestige of infidels of Makah while strengthening the political position of Muslims in Medina and established Islam as a viable force in the Arabian Peninsula. The victory of this battle was important in the establishment of Islam. This is one of the very few battles explicitly discussed in the Quran; even it is mentioned by name as part of a comparison with the battle of Uhad. The importance of this very battle in the Islamic history continues to the present day. Several military operations in the last fifty years, in fact, were named after this battle because it signifies the very victory of Muslims. In 1973 for example, the Operation Badr was used by the Egyptian army. This battle attains an important place in the history of Islam and continues to have its very relevance for the believers around the globe.

Post Script: The tactics of the infidel people of Makah leading up to the battle shows that the Battle of Badr was one of those situations where people were fired up to fight against the believers through propaganda, dramatisation and lies. It also shows that tactics of the Kufr do not change in any circumstance. Whether it is the Pharaoh of Egypt, Abu Jahal of Makah or a neoconservative of the 21st century, their mentality and tactics remain unchanged. They use lies and false propaganda about an imminent danger, retaliation or preemption to fool people and convince them to participate in and support the illegitimate and unjust wars of aggression at the cost of tens and thousands of innocent lives.


*The author is having Masters in Sociology and Urdu. He is presently a teacher and can be mailed at 

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