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Remembering Omran Daqneesh

Remembering Omran Daqneesh
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One day on TV, I saw a cherub,
And he made me feel utterly blue.

His face was covered with ashes and looked bloodstained,
And on it had a silence which shook my disdain.

Like a corpse, he sat there motionless and poker-faced,
Perhaps pondering upon the catastrophe that just came.

With his palm, he gently rubbed his eye,
As the blood gushed down with all its might.

Soon, the rescuers rushed him to the emergency,
In an attempt to implore God for some clemency.

It’s been few months since I saw that child,
And still wonder about the youth caught in the fire wild.

Paying the hefty price with their lives,
Of wars, power, carnage and rapines.

Their lifeless bodies and jarring silence question you and I,
What be their crime if not having been born in such age and time?


Author is a law graduate and a social activist based in Islamabad Pakistan.


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