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The Two Martyrs

The Two Martyrs
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In my School, Broke the News

Whispers began and the quiz

Unfazed, and Committed

Heard the Heroes, Braving the bullets


Just Two, Housed in the four walls

Too mighty, for Indian state to bear

In thousands, the coward Army

Distantly, bangs the homes


Women, men and children,

Young, Old in Unison

Fearlessly, Rushed to battle field

Calling, The Hero shall not go alone


The Forcible Occupation

Defined by a million military men

The illiterate, Driven by blind nationalism

Stood weaker, before the youth of the vale


Martyrs, of Valour, of Courage

Till the last breath, Fought from the Front

Shot in the head, in chest, in face

Stained in Red, The Free minds, symbolic


Backbone has broken, the jingoists yelled

A repeat, when our brave hearts depart

Reborn, Regenerate and Ever Green, but they

Thrive our spirits, Till the Freedom shall come



Poet is a student at Govt. Girls Hr. Sec. School, Baramulla.






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