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And a Part of Me Died Once More

And a Part of Me Died Once More
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This year too

A part of me. Died.

They took it along

To the heavens

Where the gates of paradise

Are wide open. Angels standing in respect.

As Rizwan garlands them. And he,

My martyrd hero awaits them

The new grooms. In the gardens.

Yes, a part of me that died

Witnessed the success

That kissed their feet As their companions

In there sang songs

Of glory. Bravery. Resilience.

And why not?

For what is bravery

More than this?

Photo By: Vikar Syed

A kid, barely 15 fifteen

Fights men, if I should call them so

Thousands in number

And makes them wipe

Their brow. With fear

They stand. Yes thousands of them

Against a boy. A kid. Of fifteen.

But cry not my people. Neither mourn.

For this is victory. Knocking at our door.

Let’s gear up. My brave-hearts.

For preparations are to be done.

Decorate three coffins. And bring them.

The grooms. To their destination

They should reach. Before sun sets

Take them home.

Adieu my martyrs.

Adieu my heroes.

Poet is a student of English Literature at University of Kashmir, Srinagar. She can be reached at


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