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A Visit to Newborn – Photostory

A Visit to Newborn – Photostory
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I compiled this photo series while heading towards Jawahar Lal Nehru Memorial Hospital situated in Indian Controlled Kashmir. This actually happened when I received a phone call from my cousin, informing me about the birth of his newborn baby, whom we later named Abraham. While hearing this good news I was flying in the air, full of excitement to see the new family member. I quickly dressed up, went straight out to JLNM hospital where my Cousin’s wife gave birth to baby Abraham. Before stepping into the hospital I was having no plans to shoot inside the hospital but when I was heading upstairs leading to the labour room I witnessed plenty of moments which I felt needed to be captured. However, at the same time I was feeling awkward to shoot. To be honest I was not able to stop myself from shooting the happenings around me, outside the Labour room. Finally, I made up my mind, took out my mobile phone and start capturing the pure emotions and moments, without caring for the outcomes I may have to face. I could not capture inside the Labour room because the photography is restricted there.

The purpose of this picture series was to show pure and natural emotions at the birth of Newborns.


Attendants of a patient who had given birth to a newborn baby in JLNM Hospital, Rainwari Srinagar.

Before stepping into the Labor room where my Cousin’s wife was bedridden due to delivery of a new born. I got a chance to see the glimpse of fatherhood. I took out my mobile and shot some moments from a long distance.


Nazir,a resident of Tangmarg, keeps his son, Zubair enagaged while his wife Gulshan was undergoing surgery.



A lady patient walks past Nazir and his son Zubair.


An attendant seen heading towards labour room to inquire about the health conditions of her relative.



A Kashmiri burqa clad woman going downstairs of Jawahir Lal Nehru Hospital of Rainawari area situated in Oldcity of Srinagar in Indian controlled Kashmir, to collect the medicines​ from dispensary (drug store) for her ward.



A Gynaecologist prescribing medicines​ to our ward while as the woman at the backdrop seen smiling at her relative (unseen)



Portrait of newborn baby Abraham, my nephew.



(Sharafat Ali is based in Srinagar, Kashmir. He won World Photographic Forum Award 2017. Besides, he was nominated among top 100 best photographers  in Russia’s photo contest under the title “35 Awards.”
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