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Of Everyone’s Destination – Grave

Of Everyone’s Destination – Grave
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that their usual neglection towards me
appeared today,
with their corpses,
they came here
my sympathy was always with them
as I kept reminding them of my countenance through ‘The Book’
I couldn’t talk to them ever,
but my inner angels will now converse with them,
so proud they were
before coming here
so loud they were
in glorifying the world
mightful and frail
are all inside me,
their minds had different notions about my hospitality
but with equivalence, I treat everyone
their digression from that world
was irrevocable on one day,
but their ignorance overpowered on it
their destination was already written by Almighty
prior to their appearance in womb
all the desires get choked & vanish
after coming here
kiths & kins won’t be helpful
mere strangers remain their identity
mastery won’t work here at all
intentions are the parameters of verdict
altruists are revered here,
whereas disparagement lies with egoists
here, tongue gets defunct
whereas other parts start talking
and this is the final destination
called Grave

Poet is an Independent Researcher & Aspiring Social Worker and hails from Srinagar, J&K. He can be reached at

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