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Free School under The Bridge – A Photostory

Free School under The Bridge – A Photostory
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An unusual school for the under-privileged children in Shakarpoor area of East Delhi has the metro bridge pillars serving as boundary. Its founder, Rakesh Kumar Sharma, likes to call it “Free School – Under the bridge”

Hundreds of children from the adjoining areas come here with a hope to escape their impoverished lives and get free education.

Most of the children live in the shacks dotting the slums in Delhi.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma, a grocery store owner in Delhi’s Shakarpur area, has been teaching poor children in his open-air free school under a Delhi Metro bridge near the Yamuna Bank Metro depot for the last five years. (Photo By: Shah Junaid)


Students of the Free School, pose for a photograph. (Photo By: Shah Junaid)


Students perform co-curricular activities under open sky near bridge. (Photo By: Shah Junaid)


Students are busy in their study in an open classroom.(Photo By: Shah Junaid)


Many students in the school are registered in the nearby government-run schools, but they attend Free School’s classes because they are taught better here. (Photo By: Shah Junaid)


Classes start at 9am every day, beginning with a lesson or two in physical training, and continue till 12 noon. (Photo By: Shah Junaid)


Most of the students who attend the Free School are born to migrant workers, labourers, rickshaw-pullers and farmers who live in shacks and hutments in the villages by the Yamuna. (Photo By: Shah Junaid)

(Shah Junaid is a photo journalist based in Delhi and works with USA based news organisation News Corp. He can be reached at

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