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The concept of Islamic leadership has got a paramount importance in the realm of Islam in reference to the current era.There was a time when monarchy was the only system of government known to the people. Often some Muslim scholars used to glorify monarchs and monarchy by the statement The king is the shadow of Allah”.

As in modern times democracy is in vogue and many scholars are asserting in hundreds and thousands of articles, books,and treatises that the Islamic system of government is based upon democracy.They even go so far as to claim that democracy was established in Islam.

Forgetting the city Republics Greece.In second half of this century, socialism and communism are gaining hold of the un-developed and developing countries: and I am not surprised to hear from many well meaning Muslim scholars, tirelessly asserting that Islam teaches and creates socialism.Some people from different countries have invented the slogan of ” Islamic socialism “.What this Islamic socialism means? I don’t know .But I would not be surprised if within ten or twenty years the very people will start claiming that Islam teaches communism.

All this attitude of changing with the wind, is making a mockery of the Islamic political system. Some years ago at a gathering of Muslims in an African country in which the President of  the country was guest of honour, a Muslim leader stated that “Islam taught to obey Allah,the apostle and your rulers” in his reply the President (who incidentally was a staunch Roman catholic ) said that very much the wisdom of the commandment ,to obey Allah and the apostle, but he could not understand the logic behind the order to obey your rulers;What if a ruler is unjust and a tyrant? Does Islam enjoy Muslims to obey him passively without “Resistance”.

This intelligent question demands an intelligent reply.It can not be regarded lightly.The fact is that the person who invited the criticism, did so because of his misinterpretation of Quran.

Let’s examine the system of Islamic leadership. Is it democratic? The best definition of democracy was given by Ambrahim Lincoln that ” Democracy was government of the people, by the people, for the people ” .But in Islam there is not the government of the people, but is the government of Allah .However do people govern themselves by making their own laws; in Islam laws are made not by the people but by Allah.These laws are promulgated not by the consent and decree of the people, but by the Prophet (pbuh) by the command of Allah.The people have no say in legislation: they are required to follow ,not to make any comment and suggestion about those laws and legislations mentioned in Allah’s own constitution (Holly Quran).

Thus Almighty Allah clearly narrates in Surah Al ahzaab (36).


“And it is not for a believer man or believer woman to have any choice in their affair when Allah and his apostle have decided a matter”.

Coming to the phrase ” By the people ” let’s now consider how people govern themselves.They do so by electing their own rulers. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), who was the supreme executive, judicial and over all authority of the Islamic government, was not elected by the people. So not only was the supreme head of the Islamic State,appointed without the prior consultation of the people, but in fact it was done against their expressed wishes.The Holy Prophet (pbuh) is the highest authority of Islam.

So Islam is neither the government of the people nor by the people, there is no legislation by the people better than Allah’s legislation and the executive and judiciary is not responsible to the people. Nor it is matter ,a government for the people, the Islamic system from the beginning to the end is for Allah.


” Islam is not what you consider good to you.It is what Allah considered best to you”

Therefore on the application of Islam, when you practice in depth ,you will surely find no ‘Ism’ better than the ‘Ism’ of Islam.

Author is  M.A in  political science, Pursuing Convergent Journalism and can be reached at

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position of Oracle Opinions.


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