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A Group of Students Set for Tour de Mars Under Sadhbhavana

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A group of students (number are not immediately known) from Kashmir have set out for Tour de Mars (Space excursion to Planet Mars) under Indian Army’s Operation Sadbhavana. The tour is jointly sponsored by ISRO.

Army had earlier sought the approval of the proposal from The Ministry of Home Affairs but had been long delayed. However after the recent incidents of the students’ protest in Kashmir, the proposal has been fast-tracked and a special trip for Kashmiri students was sanctioned.

“As a part of Confidence Building Measure aimed at integration of Kashmiri youth into national mainstream, Indian Army has decided to take a group of Kashmiri students for a trip to Planet Mars,” an official statement reads.

However, the exact number of participants in this event is yet to be ascertained.

“This is being done in order to avert the students’ protests that are taking place across the valley,” says a government official, pleading anonymity. “Why else would they be ready to spent tremendous amount of money on the Mars non-sense.”

Meanwhile, the separatist camp has asked the students to stay away from such “nefarious designs” employed by India to weaken our resistance movement.  “India has been engaged in such deceitful tactics to break our will but we, as a Kashmiri nation will not fall pray,” a Chirag Beg, a separatist leader said.

They have also warned the students that this could be a one way trip and the Indian authorities wouldn’t account for their safe return.


Disclaimer: This piece is a work of fiction. 

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