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Sleep and Death

Sleep and Death
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My grief away, i wish to sleep.
My life away , i wish to sleep.
I long to sleep away the dire dread
I yearn to sleep the sleep of dead

Save some dozes naps and blinks
I don’t sleep; I catch winks.
Horror of nightmare ever eats me
The fugitive sleep if ever meets me.

Stinking blood in South street
Stench of putrid maggoty meat
Has grown me dead tired and lost
Much like the apple-picking Frost

A bloom of gloom lives my head
Am I dead-alive or live-dead?
Would some lyric lull me to bed?
Should some dream drowse me dead?

Would that sleep be my friend!
And my friend was my end!
For my life is all but life!
Lifeless life where death is rife!

Author is a student of medicine at GMC Sgr. He also writes and is an avid youtube creator.

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