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The Regiments of Cow

The Regiments of Cow
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Dr. Jawad Nasir*


Here! chilly chilly gusty wind blow,

In the Garden fear you sow

Wrinkling young flower’s glow

Shaking terrified leaves of the old willow

Freezing my cold face on this bumpy pillow,


Gentlemen! Note of the flute changes now

Rhymes of terror sings the dove

Behold!! These are -The regiments of Cow!

Bow to the holy Cow is what they love

Question not them why do you and how?


Hide Hide O Kid! nine year old

To the Cowness they are sold

No mercy to human – young or old


Now, friends, Mr.Animal placed himself on throne of power

So Bow to the cow is Law of hour

And Spill innocent’s blood like a shower-

They do call her the “Holy mother”

But slaughter they babies of other

Father Mother Sister Brother

Autumn winter spring summer


Forbidden they meat of  an animal

But Virtue’s they being a cannibal

Beneath saintly robe hidden The Hannibal

Boy Boy! Better animalify to a humpy Camel

For they will let you much safe and free

When their gnashing hounds are on a killing spree

Lest Boy, you getting this your tiny neck lynched to a tree


OH! Jawad- the Paache-vorous man where shall you go!

Worry not fellas, me teaches not any fear show

The Seeds of courage is what I sow!


*Jawad Nasir is a Doctor by profession. He can be reached at

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position of Oracle Opinions.


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