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Disappeared Ones

Disappeared Ones
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Dr. Jawad Nasir*


Two little plants grew up in a tightly hug way.-

Together with the breeze they would sway.

stem with stem ,chest with chest

Small soft branches of one curled over other

Like a child embraces his mother

or the lover throws his folded arms over other.

Such been the harmony of their leaves

A single melody wind would make

from the dancing singing leaves.

It did confuse the visiting bees

The flower they just nectared was whose?

BUT one sorrowful moon ill fate stroke it hour

An allien evil from far land

So unloving ,so unwanted ,so tanned.

so disrespectful to the customs of love

So Unknown to Bulbul and the Dove

So cruel to Garden’s blooming buds.

IT did what it could ,it did what it wanted

uprooted one plant away from the other

And disappeared it into unmarked clouds for ever.

And kept the Half-Stripped ulcers of other

On an endless waiting gaze for upon vast sky cover

– A hope so repeatedly tested to wither

That one day He may return with the rain

ANd then they would eternally hug again !!!



*Jawad Nasir is a Doctor by profession. He can be reached at

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position of Oracle Opinions.

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