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O mighty world! don’t grip their feeble World

They will rule themselves don’t rule their world

Nature has vouchsafed their world with joy!

why they are gyved with your desire chains?

Hearts feel where solace that place is real paradise

So, lessen their burden make them human O world

Those sounds which often Adore the nature

Of late, those sounds raise an issue to nature

what have you made them?Alas! what have you made them

The power of world has captured the joy of birth

Don’t coerce them make not hard and rough their path

They know price of rice, using soap in bath

Don’t bang them up O cruel world know their reason

Sure, they will jubilate every garden in every season

O selfish world don’t loot their world

Their choices rejoice, hearts rule their world.

Poet is studying at University of Kashmir and can be reached at

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