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Breathe – A Poem on Syria

Breathe – A Poem on Syria
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Breathe because you are thriving
While today my nostrils
Tried to discover oxygen
In the air
But my lungs inhaled Sarin and Chlorine
And I respired life
Drop by drop…

Because still oxygen can dwell
In your lungs
Because today your body
Was not founded in massacred humans

We tried to fit ourselves
In twenty-first century
Where they inscribed rights
In human constitutions
But those laws
Can’t worth our 470,000 martyrs

Because you still can add, human rights
In your constitutions
And international laws
While standing on our dead bodies
Those bodies lived while inhaling.
Your banned chemical weapons

Breathe because we die
And still you can lie
And live
Because I put my case
In the divine court
Breathe, because you’ll not be allowed
To breathe oxygen
In the court of justice

That day the Judge will be
The lord of the seven skies
And this cosmos
So breathe
Breathe as you can…

*Poet studies Fine art at Viqar Un Nisa College, Rawalpindi. Besides being debater and national player she specializes in poetry articles.
She can be reached at

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