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Open Letter to UN Secretary-General

Open Letter to UN Secretary-General
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Respected  António Guterres ,

Secretary General UN,

U.N. Headquarters
New York City, New York, US.

It is my first and may be last letter as well, I don’t know; as  I may be killed , tortured, put behind the bars etc, at any time, because I have done a crime that is I AM KASHMIRI.  A prison in world where 6.5 lakh to 7.5 lakh military and para military personnel are there in Jammu and Kashmir. It is not a small number. The ratio of police to people is the highest here among all States. From 2008, the total number of militants has never been more than 250. If we compare the number of troops in the State to, say, Afghanistan, or other conflict zones such as Iraq, Kashmir still remains the highest militarized zone in the world.

Sir  in these times of democracy and accountability, the international community, cannot remain passive to the callous behaviour and grave violations of human rights  in the Jammu and Kashmir over the last many decades.

Non-resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute is a constant source of tension and instability in the region, and a threat to international peace and security. Lack of progress in finding a durable solution to the Kashmir question, and  endless violations of human rights in Jammu and Kashmir and lack of accountability thereof, have led to feeling of frustration and resentment especially among the new generation of Kashmiris who are increasingly adding their voice to the decades long Kashmiri indigenous movement for self-determination.


State is witnessing a brutal bloodbath on daily basis.The use of excessive force against innocent civilians protesting peacefully over extrajudicial killings is a blatant violation of the right to life, right to freedom of expression and right to peaceful protests.

Sir, I request you kindly look into the grave violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms being committed against the Kashmiri people , and intervene to end these terrible atrocities.

Sir I appeal for protecting the right to life of the Kashmiri people; ending impunity of Indian forces; a fair, transparent and independent inquiry to bring to justice those responsible for the extra-judicial executions and the opening of fire on peaceful protesters; and urging India and Pakistan to fulfill its human rights obligations and its commitment under UNSC resolutions.

Warm Regards,
Advocate Syed Mujtaba.

Advocate Syed Mujtaba is a Human Rights AND RTI Activist. He can be reached at

Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position of Oracle Opinions.

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