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Khoon De Baaraw – A Poem

Khoon De Baaraw – A Poem
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Fazili Zabirah*

As the snowflakes kiss
My lips
I taste blood
And It seems
As if
My martyrs up there
Shower blood
In retaliation to
The bullets showered.
It seems
As if
They remind me
Of that night
That passed
That haunting night!
It seems
As if
To keep the flashbacks stuck
To my memory
And retain the redness
Of each drop
Of blood that lay
On the roadside
That evening.
Also, it seems
As if
They want it
The blood
To fall
In every shape and form-
As snowflakes from heaven
Or rains
Or may be as petals
In spring.
They want it-
The blood, to fall
And haunt
All those
Who devalued it
And bothered not
To lend an ear
To the wails
And shrieks of
That mother
Who lay there
By her son’s corpse.
They will fall
The droplets of
That Holy Blood
To haunt
All those
Who shot
‘Stray bullets’
Because, they say
“Khoon dii baaraw”

*Poet is an English Graduate and can be reached at

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