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Unheard ordeal of a Half Widow

Unheard ordeal of a Half Widow
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Khan Ansur*

Life has become a dirge,
torn image,
I’ve become alike
silence has engulfed my life
so, entangled in melancholy
decade passed,
as if a century I’ve gone through,
with your memories,
still waiting for you,
vividly I remember those days,
when you used to kiss my forehead
you used to give me Eidi on every Eid
perhaps I live on,
by rejoicing those moments
somebody take me to my love
in an unending wait, I’m
which has made me,
a living corpse alike…
since when you disappeared,
never have I wore ornaments,

never have I prettified myself
as for you only,
my beauty has life….
I become mute and aglossal
whenever our child asks me about you
without you,
everything seems gloomy
as if,
flowers have lost their bloom
wind is same, without breeze
so are mounts, without serenity
I see no change,
in any motion of sun
I feel no warmth,
in any moment now
and no harmony I’ve,
without you my love
no peace comes to my door
did you forget your promise,
of never leaving me alone!!
how can you leave me??
our souls lived together!!

have you forgotten that too??
always I pray for you,
in twilights
on the door, I always stare,
for you may come,
never my eyes blink,
except quivering soul,
I’ve nothing,
not even tears also!!
day & night, I go by mourning
from every side,
sleepless nights I always observe,
since when you disappeared
nightmares have surrounded me,
you’re alive, in my heart
come back, O’ my crown
without you,
irrelevant and aimless,
my existence serves
I hear no bird chirping
I see every tree mourning
after when you disappeared

as if I had rendezvous with any calamity
for you,
I’ve renounced this world
like every saint,
now every stranger knows me
as in search of you,
I walk miles every day
since when you disappeared!!
insane I’ve become,
for your single countenance
so also I crave for our reunion
I talk gibberish, I’m deranged,
people comment about me
what’s its reason?
only you know
O’ my confidant
come back, O’ my love,
where have you been!!
O’ my moon of blissfulness
my shrieks are calling you

*Poet is an Independent Researcher and Aspiring Social Worker and hails from
Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. He can be reached at


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