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Be A Nomad

Be A Nomad
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Javid Nisar*







The caravan of my wishes died out pathless,
On seeing the scrapless life being lived here.
At the base of a half-green mountain
A paradisiac home to some itinerant folks.
I instil my son the insight of nomadism,
Said a two fistfuls bearded father.
What is the insight of nomadism, sire?
That life is a ride from here to there!
None shall hold onto the starving sun,
That itself dies and lives each day.
You live in poor and nomadism is poor plus,
So why do we build rainbow roof there?
You love that, we love this, and HE bestows,
We hate that, you too hate this and moved on!
The conversation was indeed short, “our time  is alive,” he said.
Positive stamp of the positive people,
doubtless indubitably,
Who live the dawn with hopes in heart and,
Sleep the dusk with the hopes of dawn.

*Poet  is a science graduate at Govt Degree College Anantnag Jammu and Kashmir and has a keen interest in art and literature. He can be reached at

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