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Mother- The Love Evergreen

Mother- The Love Evergreen
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Idrees Mujtaba*

Wish I could pen down the warmth of her love
Wish I can clothe the concern evergreen
She only understands when you can’t speak
And makes you know your all around unseen

The only example of an unending affection
The greatest manifest of selfless care
This love is eternal while the others bootless
The mother everywhere, but my mother only rare

She begins to bleed long before you weep
She loses her peace at your any unease
You are her world like her all wealth around
Her love keeps flowing even if you cease

You can give your all to buy you a heaven
Can sell your time and the comforts so dear
But, beneath her footprints the Lord has placed
What you’re looking in the world, far-near

They say to her we will dedicate a day
Some of their presents some thoughts to say
You can’t even explain her love for her born
You’re mistaken to think that you can ever pay

She doesn’t need your wealth, cars and roofs
She has no more to do with the glitters and shine
Yes! She needs you to be with and around
She won’t touch the medicine, thus she will be fine

Remember she nursed you her blood for months
She kept you away from the unpleasing odds
A soldier can’t defend the borders that way
Losing her comfort to amuse you on your tods

A Mother! A burden, on your strong bones?
The strength of which her milk has nursed
Many men like you, are so mean in the job
Cursing the angles which never have you cursed

You are today the man of a girl
You may be tomorrow the father of a child
What if your child repeats the horror?
To make you feel how the heaven turns wild

You are the richest if you mother is living
Why are wandering to collect the gold?
Treat her, feed her, and spend with her time
Show the honour lies in honouring the old
*Poet is a Doctoral Candidate at Department of Sociology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and can be reached at

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