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In May 2015 Ireland became the first nation to approve same-sex marriage by a popular vote, 62 percent in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage, and 38 percent opposed. Homosexuality has been dubbed “alternative life-style,” “personal preference,” “a natural variation,” etc. in the West today. Homosexuality was considered an illness by the American Psychiatry and Psychology Associations up until the early 1970’s, and treatments such as drugs, shock therapy and counseling were available. It is important to note that these remedies worked and people did get cured.  Homosexuality was then removed from the list of mental disorders and replaced by homophobia (the dislike of homosexuals and homosexuality).

Arguments in favor of tolerance to homosexuals are based on the assumption that homosexual behavior is biologically based and not merely learned from the society. On analyzing these arguments, they can be broadly classified into three categories;

1. Homosexuality is natural as it is found in the animal kingdom.

2. It has been proven by scientific studies.

3. As long as it is between consenting adults, it is no one else’s business.

This article aims to examine these claims using reason and science and separate the facts from fiction.

Homosexuality was considered an illness by the American Psychiatry and Psychology Associations up until the early 1970’s,and treatments such as drugs, shock therapy and counseling were available.

1.Early opposition to homosexuality was based on the argument that such behavior was unnatural. Sodomy cannot produce children which is one of the main natural consequences of sexual relations. “Mother Nature” did not make us that way, it was argued. To counter such arguments homosexual researchers scoured the earth until they found supposed homosexual behavior among the animal kingdom. They found that the males of some species of exotic fishes of the coast of Japan imitated the behavior of females of the species in order to prevent other males from impregnating their mates, and some rare butterflies from islands of the coast of Africa also had males exhibiting female behavior during mating season, etc. However, if the animal kingdom is to be used to justify human behavior, there also exists the black widow spider, whose female eats the male after mating. Hamsters often eat their babies due to protein deficiency whereas hens do the same to their eggs due to calcium deficiency. In fact 90% of the aquatic animals are found to be cannibals. So if analogies from animal kingdom become the basis for enacting laws, then cannibalism should also be legalized!


2. (a) The very first highly publicized study in the early 90’s was that of Dr. Simon LeVay. It was published in the prestigious ‘Science’ journal. He studied the anterior hypothalamic region in the brains of 32 cadavers (corpses) and claimed that INAH 3, a gland in the base of the brain which is large in men was found to be mid-sized among homosexuals.

FACTS for 2(a);

> Of those 32 brains, 19 were of AIDS patients. Who can say for sure that the damage to the brain wasn’t caused by the HIV/AIDS virus? They could have been born with normal sized glands which then became small due to their deviant lifestyle. Consequently, the reduced size among homosexuals could have been a result of the practice and not its cause.

> LeVay was unaware of the sexual preference history of the remaining 13 brains. He assumed that they had been gay.

>In some specimens, this region of gay men was found to be even larger than heterosexual men. He took the average size.

> His findings have never been replicated, which is a standard procedure for scientific research.

> LeVay himself was an admitted homosexual and had both personal and political motivations for this research.

> In an interview in 1994, LeVay confessed that ‘neither did I prove that homosexuality is genetic nor did I locate a gay center in the brain’.


(b) At the same time in 1991, the Bailey and Pillard Twin Study got published in Archives of General Psychiatry. It found that 52% of monozygotic (identical) twins and 22% of dizygotic (non-identical) twins were concordant for homosexuality.

FACTS for 2(b);

>The sample size was very small and no evidence was provided to support the claim.

>In 2002, when Bearman and Bruckner repeated the experiment with a large sample size, 52% came down to 7.7% and 22% down to 5.3%.

>Identical twins are two distinct individuals with exactly the same genetic information. So if one has a gay gene, the other has to have it. But this has never been the case.


(c) In 1993 Dr. Dean Hamer, a researcher at the National Cancer Institute of America, claimed to have discovered “the first concrete evidence that ‘gay genes’ really do exist.” Homosexual orientation was supposedly transmitted to males on the X chromosome from the mother. Hamer’s findings, published in the prestigious ‘Science’ journal transformed his colorless career as a government scientist into a dynamic media personality and he went on to pen his memoirs. This study has been cited 19,000 times since and firmly establishes Dr. Hamer as the poster-boy of gay rights movement.

FACTS for 2(c);

>However, a replication of his study at the University of Western Ontario failed to find any linkage whatsoever between the X chromosome and sexual orientation.

>It was also found that Hamer’s study lacked a control group; a fundamental principle of scientific research.

>If gay gene had been found in homosexual males, he should have looked for its absence in heterosexual males. He didn’t.

>Furthermore, in June 1994, the Chicago Tribune reported that a junior researcher in Hamer’s laboratory, who assisted in the gene mapping in the homosexuality study, alleged that he selectively reported his data. She was then dismissed from her post-doctoral fellowship in Hamer’s lab.

>He later admitted that he had fudged his data. Hamer was charged with scientific impropriety in 1995 and investigated.

>He admitted ‘(there is) no gene that makes people gay. I don’t think we will ever be able to predict who will be gay’.

>Hamer later admitted that he was gay.

(d) OT Today and Jews News reported in March 2015 that 8 major studies of sample size of 25,000 identical twins in Australia, USA and Scandinavia during the last two decades, all arrive at the same conclusion – gays were not born that way.

Dr. Neil Whitehead, PhD Biochemistry and a scientist with The National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) in his book, ’My Genes Made Me Do It ! A scientific look at Sexual Orientation’ writes –‘About half of the homosexual/bisexual population moves towards homosexuality over a lifetime (in a non-therapeutic environment). About 3% of the present heterosexual population once firmly believed themselves to be homo/bi-sexual. The number of people who have changed towards heterosexuality are greater than current number of bisexuals and homosexuals combined. In other words, ex-gays outnumber actual gays!’

Familial environment plays an important role in making a choice of homosexuality. 30-50% off-springs of homosexual parents adopt a homosexual lifestyle. However, 5% of them leave homosexuality within the first 12 months whereas 25% leave it eventually. Had it been genetic, they would never have been able to do so.

The simplest and the yet the most logical argument that drives the last nail in the coffin of claims of homosexuality being genetic is that homosexuals do not reproduce and hence cannot pass on their genes to off-springs. Natural selection rapidly removes genes that are not passed down. Thus the homosexual population should have either died out or been on its way out. But this is not the case.

All the above arguments point in one single direction- Homosexuality is NOT genetic !

Can’t effeminate men and masculine women be born? Of course there are many such people.

Dr. Brad Harrub, a neurosurgeon and scientist says, ‘Men can be born with low testosterone producing capacity. But this is a physiological difference and it would be a long stretch to believe that homosexual behavior is necessary for such people and thus should be legalized’.


3. The third argument put forward in favor of homosexuality is that as long as it is between consenting adults and as long as it isn’t incest, rape, pedophilia or bestiality, it is a private matter and nobody has a right to interfere in their lives. And even if it is a crime, it is a victimless crime. For the sake of argument, let us agree with this logic and analyze the scientific data.

Website of Gay and Lesbian Medical Association lists 45 diseases that can be contracted due homosexuality. It is the primary initiator and driver of HIV/AIDS. Among others are Hepatitis A, B, Crabs, rectal carcinoma, partial and complete prolapse etc.

According to Archives of General Psychiatry, homosexuals are more likely to report high levels of drug use, feelings of depression and suicide attempts. High rates of pedophilia and incest are also reported.

>3X high drug use

>3X unprotected risky sex

>6X high levels of depression

>8X more likely to attempt suicide

>50X more likely to contract AIDS

Up until 1982, AIDS was known as Gay Related Immune Deficiency (GRID). This was because the early spread of AIDS was concentrated among the homosexual community. It later spread to the heterosexual community through blood transfusions, intravenous drug usage and bisexuals and continues on a rampage among promiscuous heterosexuals.


>According to WHO and UNAIDS report, TB and AIDS are termed as co-pandemics. Every 4 seconds, 1 person dies of TB and 13% of those are AIDS patients. In other words, every 31 seconds 1 person dies of AIDS. And homosexuality is its primary driver. Is it still a victimless crime?

>Overall 39 million people have died due to AIDS and 24 billion dollars were required annually to fight AIDS in 2014-15. And homosexuality is its primary driver. Is it still a victimless crime?

>In 2013, 2.1 million people contracted AIDS. The majority of these were in the age group of 20-40 years. Two hundred and forty thousand of those were children less than 15 years of age. 5700 people die of AIDS each day, i.e. 240 per hour. And homosexuality is its primary driver. Is it still a victimless crime?


Logic dictates that in order to fight these deadly diseases, the few people spreading it should be punished in order to save the rest. But our democracy allows the few to flourish thus making millions perish.

Islam provides the solution to this problem. Sahih Tirmizi Hadees no. 1456, 1457, Musnad Ibn Ahmad Hadith no. 1878 and fatwas of the Sahabah support capital punishment for those who are proved to have indulged in homosexual practices in a region governed by Islamic law, thus stemming the rot.

It should be noted that Islam, in its final form, did not introduce anti-gay legislature to the world. The texts of the Torah and Bible are replete with clear condemnation of such practices.

Book of Ezekiel – 16: 49-50, Book of Genesis – 19: 3-5, book of Jude – 1: 7 and Book of Leveticus – 18: 22 are some of the references that readers can refer to.

Homosexuality is also prohibited in Hindu scriptures. Manusmriti Ch. 8, Verses 369-370 state that if damsels are found indulging in homosexual practices, the punishment is 10 lashes, then two of their fingers should be cut, heads should be shaved and they should be paraded on a donkey and banished from the city!

Manusmriti Ch. 11: 174 and Arthshastra Book 4 Ch. 13: 379 also condemn homosexuality in strict terms.

Islam considers homosexuality to be the result of a choice. It is inconceivable that God made people homosexuals then declared it a crime and prescribed punishments for it in both this life and the next. To accept such a proposition is to accept that God is unjust. Inclinations can exist within humans for a variety of natural and unnatural acts, from fornication to rape and from necrophilia to bestiality. These inclinations may come from jinn-suggestions, media influence, or even from human whisperings or direct contact. Humans choose and God holds them responsible for their choices.

Were homosexuality a product of genetic destiny, it would be unfair for God to criminalize it and punish those who practice it. Currently, some scientists are even claiming that murder is of genetic origin. To accept that would mean to excuse murderers and tolerate murder.

Homosexuality is mentioned in The Quran in Surah Aaraf – 7:80-81, Nisa – 4: 16, Anbiya – 21: 74, Naml – 27: 54-58 and Ankaboot – 29: 28.

Islam instructs parents to separate their children in their beds by the age of ten in order to avoid sexual experiences which may result from childhood experimentation. Such experiences may be reinforced by contacts in schools and through abuse from adults. Also the distinctions between male and female are strongly made in Islamic teachings. The Prophet (PBUH) cursed men who imitated women and women who imitated men. The Western fashion industry is controlled by homosexuals who attempt to blur the distinction between males and females in order to make their behavior more acceptable. Consequently, men’s fashion has become more feminine in style and color and women are now wearing traditionally men’s clothes.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, ‘When adultery, fornication and homosexuality become widespread in the society there will appear amongst people sicknesses which were unheard of before, which their forefathers never knew of’. And this is precisely the case with today’s modern society.

Indian Penal Code – Section 377 (Unnatural Offences) states- ‘Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment up to 10 years and fine’.

If we were to decriminalize homosexuality for the sake of ‘higher love’, then by the same logic incest and bestiality would also have to be permitted, since such people also consider their acts to be ‘higher forms of love’!

*Author is pursuing MS in Engineering at University of Toledo, USA.He can be reached at

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