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A short story-The Night Of Heart-Break and The Trio!

A short story-The Night Of Heart-Break and The Trio!
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Salman Jeelani*

He is just a wanderer wandering in search of her. But inside only the Lord knows what fire is on!

“Out of sufferings have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars” ~Khalil Gibran

He belonged to one of the major town and she was from the hub of city. They had never met each other. It was the summer of turbulence and his favourite season approaching when it all started. He never knew what fate had for him, as in intervals he had encountered storms. The poles were apart, the distance was 50 odd Kilometers from the village to the city where he had found the special whose beauty he described just as the golden sun setting over the rolling hills. Everything about her was astounding. In her eyes he saw the skies and in her hair the sun and in her he saw something that took him to a new world, to the place were hardly anyone can get him back. He had found the cure to his illness, to the storm that he was encountering since the crucial month of the golden year. But lest did he knew that the love of his life had been already won.

It was just a usual night for everyone, the 12th night of the first month, the night of heart-break for him. A night when he lost her, when everything was done and dusted, when it was finally narrated to him that she has already been won, she already carries someone special in her heart through that heart-wrenching call in the dead of the night. The call was from someone special, from someone whom he had never met, from someone who too belonged to her city, from someone for whome he has that greatest veneration, from someone who is one among those pure souls that have ever surfaced on this planet, from someone whom he wants to meet once in his life, from someone in whom he sees a perfection for his dear one. Though he hadn’t ever expected to hear this news from her that too in her melody voice that just absorbs one. And when she finally broke the heart-wrenching news, he was completely dazed, she could do nothing. But she narrated what she had got and there was silence, a complete blackout and she couldn’t hear the cries of inner soul. What followed was just a simple reply by the receiver “Ok fine I just want to see her happy, that’s my first and last wish”. As he heard this the ocean of tears was on, salt water rolling down the lad’s cheeks, the fire engulfed his heart, gloom on his face, hardly anyone knew what he was undergoing and he couldn’t reveal this to anyone except few odd friends. He couldn’t believe this, the trust for her was there and it will remain in his mad heart. When the pain was unbearable, when every option was running out, he could do nothing except the tears that rolled down the cheeks on the pillow.  When he couldn’t handle the pain the only option left was to call the “trio”- The three comrades who were there each and every time with their souls for him. They were surprised by the call in the dead of the night they were unaware of what had happened, they could sense something terrifying, something frightening though all the three men were miles away from him. But something had definitely gone wrong. They could only hear him crying. They carried him in heart and tried to console him. They chipped with question what has gone wrong? A simple reply they got was: “I want to die”. The trio was confused they were feeling the pain of their beloved. They couldn’t bear, they every time shared his pain. In the testing times they stood against the tide, here  they could somehow sense what has happened and they never wanted him to go back to the era were his physical health was taken to the cleaners by the emotional feelings and finally one among them was first to shout the word “Stop this”. He was able to join the dots. They could again hear the cries of his heart that was just longing through itself to her feet and the soul wishing for the mingling. It was a night that he will hardly forget till he is furnished for the final bath or carried on 4 shoulders. He can’t ever forget that night-the night of revelation.

As the comrades on the phone line were consoling the call was dropped and unanswered till the dawn. It was a sleepless night. In that murkiness she wasn’t far from him, he loved the pain at that moment, in that darkness though miles away, she was there in his heart, her alluring eyes, that smile and that ring in her right hand made him restless, the barriers- village and a city separating the two were making him further anxious. That night reminded him of those significant months, the journey and that final smiling adieu that every time sends a chill down his spine when he remembers it.  The two things which confused him the most were the tears rolling down his cheeks and that smile on his face when her image flashed in his brain. The greed of attaining her never ends in him, even if he has to put everything at stake, he won’t ever give up, he wants to win her.  His heart just craves for her. The ache is there, and cries reverberate in his soul. He longs for her, day and night staring at that moon that is up in the sky. For him the nights just are nowadays soother and days are for those unheard cries. The sleepless nights, his heart pounding faster than a cat chasing a mouse has become a norm. He doesn’t know how to narrate his tale, how to express that “something” for her. He is just a wanderer wandering in search of her. But inside only the Lord knows what fire is on!

*Author hails from Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir and is currently studying in class 12th. He can be reached at

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