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Freedom and Rebellion

Freedom and Rebellion
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By Shahid Lone

My soul passes through villages, towns and cities,

Hearing the echoes of freedom colored with crimson cries;

My soul sours in the firmament of that promised dawn,

The dawn of unbound, complete freedom and rising with brawn;

Freedom which is worth to long and die,

No commanding not demanding, when and why;

My acquaintances of freedom, scattered here and there,

Giving me a by-heart call, the empathy of being near;

Though, my eyes try to hide and keep emotions at bay,

Their empathy says nay, we also Die thousand deaths a day;

But the frozen silence which has engulfed and flooded my home,

Makes my eyes numb and twilight turns to be a specter of Rome;

But lo and behold! the bravado and steadfastness of my rebel brothers,

Most martyred and few alive, strengthen me and the covenant ushers;

Their toiling day in the battlefield is the unsettled peace of my night,

Their green shrouds, honored martyrdom and ruptured processions is my torchlight;

 The perseverance of people, hymns of heaven and the ballads of freedom

Assure me naught but the day of glory, the dawn of freedom.


(Shahid Lone is a Doctoral Candidate in Political Economy at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. He can be reached at

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