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By Ishfaq Yatoo

That dreadful sight!
When I peeped through my glass pane
And saw some tall khaki robed man;

A scary view under my neighbour’s portico!
Quivering and Thirsty…

Thirst of Blood!

Social to unsocial…

        Mouthpiece of chair-mongers…

Some sudden shots, explosions, thundering; constant
Caught me head to toe
Added by Ami’s cries; her wails!

Poignant shouts…
“Rameez! Rameez! Beta your friend; shaheeeed”
A paroxysm, assailed my poor heart!
Again I peeped and saw him
Being carried by the front street

Amidst the sky touching slogan ‘Naar e Takbeer’

Hurriedly joined, I…
A budding superstar!

A blooming flower turned red stained!
Those rosy lips, lily cheeks…

Innocent smile!
Sheer victim of brutality!
Who could pity the little innocence…
“Your last rites, your funeral sight
reminded me of Sajad,
A childhood chap, silenced!
Silenced, to chop my chest
1, 2, only 3 years now…
Again everything wintery around!
Another rose emaciated,

Another star clouded, another innocent lost!
None else, only your shadow; deserves to be called Shakir…

All of you carried a ‘tag’…

A tag but, situational…

A failed political situation!

Giants, yet couldn’t set your sorry state

They carry an unjustified justice

High pedestal, high failure!

Weren’t you like those thousands and lakhs; only crime…


Were you a violent or violated by a violent political crunch?

My heart is aching, where are you!”

I am a tramp tattered of my robes in this chilling cold

Silence, dumbness, a scarecrow; a crackdown, a curfew; all confounded!

Paradise is hazy




Conscience will return

To the skull of its ‘pedestal’…

1, 2, 3…7 decades!

Who will mark these unmarked graves?

Still waiting wives; widows or not!

Still waiting mothers; childless or not!

Still waiting children; orphans or not!

Still neighbours, far behind The Jawahar Tunnel…

Failed Political State…

Bright careers cut short!

Is this young blood so cheap?

Nothing happens, but


*Poet hails from district Sopore, Jammu and Kashmir.


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