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Silence is brutal than violence

Silence is brutal than violence
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“Peace is not only disturbed by the violence of few people
But also by the silence of some people.”

By UmerSaleemBhat
Everyone around the globe seems to be peace thirsty, some others pretend to be. Eagle’s eye view of the globe will show a mother wailing for his son buried under the debris, a son rescuing one and crying for other, a widow cursing her luck on a heap of sand mixed with broken bricks and cement, children crying in pain after being hit on head, legs and empty bellies . There you are in the  war for nothing, hit Syria. Everyone has scrolled down all those pictured scenes if not witnessed it live.

Posting a few lines of prayers and Rip’s is all we have done. So the peace in the first instance has been plundered by the violence committed by well-known and identified hands. So what, humanity and sympathy is not just a trait. The peace has further been destroyed by the silence of  world bodies, human right groups and other champions of justice. Issue a condemning statement and over it is.! What are you there for.? Just to be mute spectators and serve the interest of rich to become richer. There is something called conscience. Is that alive in you? What offence is being committed by the innocent people that they are facing such an inhuman punishment. I must say “Pretending deaf is being dead.” Alas! You are dead.
Turning the leaf to another scene of the view. Here you are, Burma, the place were Rohingya muslims are manhandled. Muslim women are abused and assaulted physically and mentally, publicly in such a way that is not just inhumane but even the devil closes his eyes. Babies just born, children and adults are murdered and burnt alive in the broadest of the daylight.

Here again violence is catalysed by the silence. The world is watching them fleeing. Families of families reduced to few, run away to their lives without any destination. Who will they call to their rescue.? The whole world is just snorting away their luxury and the stakeholders have already turned deaf and blind to them. Who is to be blamed? Who is the culprit? And the mystery remains.
Hold your breath! Here it it, the third scene. The occupied state of Palestine. Palestinian population had so far witnessed a number of hardships but the one Israel has caused to them is of the worst order. Move across the Gaza strip alone, all you find is just slaughtered housing, questioning faces of small kids, youth, and every single person asking if you are just another one for a news report, a documentary or a relief team. The age of toys in other part of the world is analogic to graffiti art, protesting the oppression, fighting on the front, achieving martyrdom. An uncountable number of lives have become the target of brutal oppression on behalf of a baseless and unjust aggression.

Here again those who pretend to be saviours are just a sequestered part of the offence. They (silent or silenced) never made an effort to protect the innocent lives. They watch it with ease when a person, be it a male or female, bare handed and innocent is gifted with bullets in chest just because of walking on the road with head high or looking at one of the armed personal who is standing on none of his own roads nor even his land. Ahh! I am mistaken to expect any help from those who claim to be against terrorism and obviously to them this is not in any form terrorism unless the bullet is fired by Abdullah and the bullet is received by William.

“If there is heaven on this earth.. It is this, it is this, it is this.” The famous quote is now just an irony. Blood has been oozing out of the veins of this heaven from a number of decades. Yes, you are right, it is Indian occupied Kashmir. The story is different here. Killing innocents and assaulting individuals is just a characteristic of oppression. Here you will find a number of individuals getting disappeared into the mourning woods and wailing mountains. Disappeared after being picked up by the armed personals on “nothing but come” basis. Decades have passed and still no clue of their existence. Their parents are still waiting for their arrival, their children and half widows take every knock of door as the hope of their arrival but each time the hopes are diminished away by the sobs and the cold sigh. Since the partition of India and Pakistan, Kashmir has been a suitable battle field for both and battle field itself being the reward of the battle. The right to self-determination is the cry that arises out of the pain caused to this militriazed region. The same was guaranteed to this region by the United Nations on the condition of peace prevailing on the state. This condition has never been allowed to persist in the state by the armed suppression. Kashmir has witnessed heights of brutality and inhumane treatment.

Enough can be found by doing a google of words like “kunanposhpora”, “Gawkadal massacre”, “Asiya&Neelofar”, and a never ending list. It is unfortunate to see that any modern weapon to be developed is experimented here. The most dreadful of the weapons used nowadays in kashmir is the Pellet gun. Thousands of the youth and kids have been rendered blind because of these pellets. Those who were martyred have no doubt created a void never fillable but those who have lost the vision are thorn in the skin of their dears.
All this brutality has elevated the status of the oppressor at the group of nations. This silence of world bodies, leave alone the UNO, has encouraged the evil thoughts.


The silence reminds me of a beautiful couplet,
“Humain to khabrhailuterun k sab thikhanoonki,
Shareeq-e-jurmnahote to mukhbirikarte”
Translation: We are well aware about those who plunder, had we not been part of it, we would shove them off.


*Author is a student at University of Kashmir.

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