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Essence of veil

Essence of veil
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“And tell to the believing women to lower their gaze from looking at forbidden things and protect their private parts and not to expose their adornments except only that which is apparent and to draw their veils all over  and not to reveal their adornments except their Husbands, their fathers, their Husbands Father, their Sons their Husbands Son’s their Brother Son’s or their Sisters Son’s or their Muslim Women (i.e., The Sister in Islam) or the female slaves whom their right hands possess or old male servants who lack vigor or small children who have no sense of the shame of the sex. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornments” Al Quran (Chapter 34)


Faisal Shafi Watt

It is said that with anything in life, a determination is a much-needed characteristic. With every passing day, it is obvious that we move further away from the time and age of the Holy Prophet and surely approach the day of resurrection to account for our doings in this world. It is, however, regrettable that in contrast to all this we Muslims are growing weaker in our beliefs and ignore countless practices, one of which is the veil (the Islamic Dress code for women). The veil in Islam is necessary for every woman who is closer to the age of puberty or has reached it. Though, some people argue that this dress code of Islam upon the Muslim women is far too restricted and is in order to keep them inferior to men. Puzzled sense and misunderstanding are the causes of such belief. It is important to mention here that Islam has replaced a society riddled with discrimination by Humane, and reasonable one, yes women for the first time in history were treated at par with men, (not degraded in the name of equality but given all the rights that she deserve as a women), the discrimination was not only eliminated but looked upon with horror and disgust, and all this was achieved on the basic plinth of moral purification of the individual.


Islam is not at all enamoured of the free intermingling of the sexes and of the mixed gatherings at Schools, colleges, clubs, cinemas, and public parks, it exists upon segregation of the sexes and bans every possibility of unnecessary intermingling. Islam has not only defined the law full from unlawful, in conjunction to this any acts or objects which could lead to unlawfulness is also prohibited. For example, the act of drinking Alcohol has been defined as unlawful, in conjunction to this any act which could lead to the consumption of Alcohol are also defined as unlawful like the selling of alcohol, working within a bravery etc. In the same manner, adultery is unlawful within Islam and so in view of this, any such act which may lead to this is also unlawful.


The importance of observing veil is better understood by the sayings of the Prophet (PBUH) as the companion of Prophet Hazrat Ali (RA) narrates that once holy Prophet questioned us, “Tell me what is the most worthy act of women? Upon hearing this all the companions remained silent, Ali (RA) further reports that when I returned to my home, I forwarded the same question to Fatima (RA), “She replied a women should not see any man nor should a man see her” Ali related this to Holy Prophet and He said, Fatima is my beloved child, for this reason, she has understood properly. Hazrat Omar (RA) once suggested to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that the wives of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) should observe the veil as many persons of different nature visit the houses of Prophet. The Holy Prophet himself found this desirable as the Prophet (PBUH) was in wait of divine revelation, shortly after this revelation of Hijab were revealed successively. In another Hadith, Quis-ibni Shamas reports that Umme Khalid comes to Holy Prophet (PBUH) to inquire about her son who had been killed in one of the battles in the path of Allah. When she arrived she had her face covered. Upon seeing this, one of the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) said, “How is it that even under such unfortunate conditions (in spite of such grief and sorrow) you wear the Hijab. To this Umme Khalid replied, “If I have lost my son I should not lose my modesty” (should I lose both?). To this, the Prophet (PBUH) said, “your son had the reward of two martyrs”

In contemporary times, the biggest reason for our confused sense is that we accepted every single author who approached us from the west without making deep and close scrutiny. All this has turned us puzzled to such an extent that even the otherwise crystal clear message of Quran now seems ambiguous to many among us. It is ironic that our women are being encouraged for short and see through wearing, with this she has become a victim of foul intention. All this has linked our women to a pleasure creature and everything about her is being considered as an attraction for spectators, (yes, we have the worst example before us in the form of standing cheer girls in the game of cricket). Islam protects her by enjoying her to adopt veil so that covering herself does not attract the swamps of flies all around.

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